The Symbolic meaning of spoons and forks in DREAM interpretation

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about  lot of spoons and forks

Dear Yod HVH,

    I dream of a lot of spoons and forks and there are still plastics that I wash in the sink, what does this mean?


To you Tresmundo,         

        If you coincidentally to be single, your dream announces a happy event that you are about to be married.

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When you're married or you're married your dream announces a happy, glamorous reception that may have an important occasion to come in your life.

   a lot of spoons and forks are one of the lucky dreamers because it means a lot of money. That others or shares will be spent on making many people happy.

    It is said that when many people are cheered, the one who makes it more enjoyable, the more he will be able to grow, the more his livelihoods will be increased and his wealth will be increased.

     Sometimes, even if a man was nothing but was able to make his neighbor happy, he would miraculously receive many blessings and blessings.

   In the meantime you get angry when he's asked for help and doesn't want to prepare for charity remains that the secret reason he's dressed is that he feels like he's being harassed by lucky people so he's just a screwdriver.

   So the message of the dream, make people happy so you have more blessings.

               Until again,

              Yod HVH


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