This is the reason why we often dream of being on a ship

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Let's reflect the dream about on the ship and the shark 

Dear Yod H V H,

     Good morning! I just want to talk about my dream that I'm on the ship. there were so many sharks.


Saiyo Sharlyn,

        Human life, meanwhile, is a journey. For this it is often a dream come true on a ship whose flattering meaning travels to a dream of a good life or a future.

    Because your dream is that there are many sharks in the sea, you are being kept as you walk past to reach your dreams.

    Here are some life-saving guides:

  • --

1) Apply good manners and behavior.

2) When you know you're wrong and you're going to be damned, don't go on.

3) You also shouldn't be tempted by those who promise sudden luck.

4) Avoid temptations. That temptation is life-threatening so you'll first wonder if your life will be ruined before anything.

5) Keep the friendship, too, because now that the modern era is modern there are plenty of people to use.

6) Every move you take will make you wonder whether this or the future will be in the best of your future.

7) Well, you also need courage and courage. Because the vulnerable are prone to the challenges of fate.

8) At sea, there are so-called monsters but in reality they are ocean storms, swirling, people thought the storm in the ocean was the creation of monsters. This is not true, because it is the imagination of those who are weak and the despairing.

9) You know, Sharlyn, ocean travellers are looking up at the so-called North Star and this is their guide.

10) That is, as you travel through your life, don't forget to pray to your God. Ask for His guidance that you are not lost.

11) You also need to stay confident. Because if you don't have confidence in yourself the ship of your life won't be stable.

12) No matter what, the flame of your dream shouldn't die.

13) Because when the dream is gone it's like saying you're a failure in your life.

          Until again,

Yod H V H.


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