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Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about lottery and money

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    Money trouble is the meaning of dreaming of hitting or being hit in the lotto; In fact he needed large amounts of money.

  Sometimes, for personal needs, sometimes for wanting to do but can't because there is no money and sometimes wanting to help others but the need is money.

 But there is some lucky news that also means hitting the lottery and it says for sure that one day or another time it is possible - the dreamer of the dream you are asking about can actually win the lottery.

What you hold like a holen (small toy crystal ball )  that is too clear and water that is too clear says that your heart will not deceive you and the trump advice is not to follow the command of your mind and also the command of other people.

   Likewise, the meaning of a lot of money that thousands say in real life you need that much amount of money.

     Because in dream analysis the dream is said to be what you do not have in reality, you will have in your dreams. That is why many people think that dreams are the opposite of real life.
However, the dream announces what is about to happen, so those who have no money, in the dream will make money but in the distant days or in the long run.

   This is because the dream comes from a person’s deepest consciousness and because of the extreme depth of the origin, of course, long before there is a reality.
     Sometimes it also happens quickly when the person is not overwhelmed by doubt, cowardice and cowardice.

   Because of this, even if the dream is too long if you have sex, sometimes you can experience that the dream is a reality.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 


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