What does it mean I've discovered gold? in Dream

 Let's reflect the dream about Gold

Dear Yod HVH,

     What does it mean I've discovered gold? Then, he's one kilogram. There's a woman who's going to go to me that I don't know, and that's where I'm going to get it.

    And another one. 'It's not buried in the ground but in the building. On the wall, which was buried by the first ones to hide, it was dug into the building that was built on the wall.

Then, a woman taught and helped me get.


To you Ouie,

      You know, boy, there are legends about the Chicken that's squeezing gold. Which according to legend enriched the chicken owner.

     There is also a legend about the gold tree that also enriches the owner of the tree.

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 You know, too, we're just a legend because it's so old of the story, it's so old, it's too much of a squirrel and, of course, there's no chicken or bird or anything like gold.

   But to believe it or not, it's not just a legend because it's very real. It's just better to keep it in mind that it's just a legend. Because you might raise a chicken and every day you'll see if you might even have a golden egg.

    The gold fruit tree is the same, it's real - it's true, it's not fake news before, but right now who would believe there was a gold fruit tree?

   Look, boy, that used money was gold. now the money is pape and coins. So the chicken when it's gold is the equivalent of gold. As well as the plant's fruits, the plant sees gold when it produces too many fruits when sold.

   That's why chickens and trees when they have so many fruits will be called The Hens that lay gold and the tree that produce gold.

       Did the news of the country's El Nino season first be heard, boy, ? Here's the title, "Golden Harvest For The Farmers." You've seen the word "golden" as in ,gold?

    So again, the animals and squirrels aren't a legend because the word clinging to good harvests is really gold.

   What does this have to do with your dream?

   The dream says that everything you're doing is gold. As a result, it is not recommended that you seek another income. And another important message of your dream is that chicken and gold trees are given to the owner, cared for, loved and protected, that's what you should do in your life.

   It's just that one says your dream is that if you're a young man, find a wife because the woman in your boredom is the one you're enjoying in the job. If it happens that you are married, it says your wife will ask you for advice or adives about your life.

                             Until again,

                        Yod HVH


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