What it mean, I always DREAM of my crush

Let's reflect the Dream, (reflection of life) about Always dreaming the Crush

Dear Yod HVH,

        Good Morning! I just ask the meaning of my dream.

        I always dream of my crush. And for a long time, we have been talking even though we are not close in real life. Now, I'm bored that I'm tearing a page of my notebook. And because I'm tearing a lot, I'm biting the others. I'm with my friend and we're at school (I'm a graduate) and I'm the only one please write in the notebook.

Then, soon after he came over and smiled, he stood beside me and said that I was doing a lot. I gave him my bite, I asked if he could handle it. He took the papers with a smile. Then we talked. I laughed because he was teasing my friend. I was surprised because I was a graduate but we had to go to school at the same time. I think it's a bad trip because Math is our subject. Thank you and Godbless!


To you Dianne,

           Why so, almost all students are afraid of the subject Is Math? Anyway, I'm also a little scared of that subject, eh! But in reality I am more afraid of the terror professor, and what I really can’t quite believe is ‘why is it that the one who is honest to teach Math is the terror professor?

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        But you know, I lost my fear once that I accidentally entered the faculty room of our school, I heard my terror professor in Math and another fellow professor talking.

I also heard my terror professor say, he said that when he was still studying he was also afraid of Math, he was talking with a laugh and he said, that's why, terror in Math is so that the students don't know You're also scared of Math, then, they laughed with laughter at the same time, I'm done, I quickly left for fear that they might even see me! Since then, my fear of my terror professor has diminished!

     Everything we fear is a reflection of our fear of the subject of Math. But there is a pretty hard to believe that the brave ones they are studying are those who are not afraid of Math. They are the brave and love to take risks in the challenges of fate so they are the ones who are unique.

You know, dianne, in the lives of girls, you can't deny that they are afraid to have a boyfriend, even if the young man is loved by them so much, they are afraid of not losing and are always in their chests like they were afraid of Math when they were studying. they are still.

        But there are girls who are not afraid to have a boyfriend, just believe it or not, if they have a relationship, you will hear, their relationship does not last long because, they are not serious about their lovelife.

           Because of this, according to your Dream, your crush is not just your crush, he is probably the love of your life, that is, true love is what you feel for him. So it’s no wonder that he or your crush is currently dreaming of you too. Those who dream seriously of their Love have powerful dreams that they dream they also dream.

Where is the crush now? Maybe he's a graduate too, Right? I mean, maybe you don't see each other anymore? But ‘don’t worry, because when the moment comes that you meet, you will feel that he likes you too.

         Another thing you will feel when you face him, like you, as if he is scared or has a nervousness in his chest, this fear, this is the fear of every person in the subject of Math. In Math, the negative and the positive coincide. So fear is equal to happiness, love is excitement and she is also fun.

         Math is a difficult subject, but it is harder to love. According to your dream, ecstasy will compensate for any hardship you will go through when you fight for your immortal love.

                 Until again,

                 Yod HVH

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