Dream About digging the ground next to our house and it's so deep

Let's reflect the dream, reflection of life about digging the ground next to our house and it's so deep

Dear Yod HVH,

        What does my dream mean is that I'm so angry, because someone is digging the ground next to our house and it's so deep, then, 'I don't know what to bury. Two men digging in white and in my dream I wanted to wear white clothes like they did.



To you Rosalie,

       It's a look life, there's a "Treasure" buried on the ground next to your house. But before you jump, forget the "treasure hunting" we often hear in the news.

       Because the "wealth" that you're bored of is the "wealth" that you're in deep consciousness. "Deep awareness" is what a person calls "unconcious self."

       According to Pyschologist, in unconciuos self stored our hidden skills, eloquence and the formulas of success we have against the challenges of fate and the secrets of our happiness and success.

       The man in the boredom is represented by aggression, courage and courage, because there are two men in the dream, that is, double aggressivenes, they are not brave but that is really brave and extraordinary courage but that is strong in the common sense of courage.

    Well, why are the two men "white"?  White says it's pure, pure clean and good, as in, pure and holy.

  So how do you get the "wealth?" So your "The Key" is having "Purity of the heart and of the mind."

    As well as dreaming, there's something big you want to do in your life. A big ambition that is at stake for your bright future or painful failure.

     So, do you want to succeed in your great ambition? Of course, it's a big yes, you answer. You're grateful for the dream because the dream taught you the way you don't fail.

                       Until again,

                     Yod HVH

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