Your dream announces, the days have come when your life will flourish

Let's reflect the dream, reflection of life about Fruit, mango, spinach

Dear Yod HVH,

      What does it mean to dream tree spinach, white man-shaped mango, finish, take fruit and a lot of spinach, then I've got one.


To you  Marilou,

        That said, there is a Season for everything under the Sun.  It's like you often hear that there is a season for everything. Also Read Solar return Basic from 1st house to 12th house

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 But the question is how to know if the right timing is coming?

       look at the plants, the leaves are falling and sprouting again and the buds will become full leaves and bloom and then produce fruit.

Therfore , it's not a sudden result because there are preliminary events. Because of the world, others just don't want to believe that there is a system that happens to be a surprise that suddenly happens.

      Before the arrival the so-called outrage was preliminary warnings and before the happy days there were also announcements. In this reality, your dream announces that the days when your life will flourish, as in, prosperity will be upon you.

        You also say that in your life you can't be like people who have a good life indulge in wealth, cost - a cost that seems to be crazy. Because the dream is that even if your life is good you will live with limits on everything.

   It's a memory that heaven will love you more because the above favors those who are condeded on life. But those who boast, the heavens themselves are the ones who are fighting so, in the end, their judgment should be taught by the fact that they are no longer stigmatized.

  You, in turn, who live in order will serve as a role model for many and recognize you for being economically viable.

                   Until again,

                  Yod HVH


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