Your Lucky Color According to your Dream

 Let's reflect the dream, reflection of life about Red hair

Dear Yod HVH,

     I woke up, I said I had red with my hair, then, I saw, I saw it, I was white in the mirror before, I've got a lot of , then I've got a lot of white and so on the back.

   I thought about it and I woke up with my hair. In reality my hair is black and I don't color hair.


To you Marydyn,

      If you want to succeed in life, the advice is to ride in the current of time.

This formula is more business-related. therefore, what people want you to sell . And the flattering formula, says that even if you don't like it people do.

  • To those who want to interpret a dream or to define your dream. please comment under this article.

 Even if it wasn't in business the umbrella to ride in the course of the season was really the same. Because it's the very secret of how a person can be happy. If you're against the Flow of life, of course, you're not happy. If you loud cry you might not be in a bad place and if you're always in conflict with what many are doing, people might get away with you.

       But because your hair is "red" in the dream, it's clear that it's advice on how you can earn a lot of money on your income, whether it's business or the line of your work.

   You look at people especially women, adults, young women, young, married or unwanted - they want to color their hair because they feel and when they're in a good place, they're happy and happy.

  You look at businesses that are thriving and developing, you'll find a secret of success that Red or Red is a colourful sculptor.

    Your dream is to make red or Red your favorite color, make sure you earn more.  Do even if your favorite is a different color. Do even if you're not so lucky that the colours are lucky. Do it because it is the very advice of your dream.

     But why would you do it if you didn't like Red? The answer is that everyone really wants his life to grow and according to your own dream, Red or Red is your colour as mentioned, your life is improving and you're finally rich.

   So Red! Red! But, of course, you can use a different color but Red will include you or a combination of it and other colors. Again, you're going to ride the flow of life and you can expect to be taken somewhere that's going to be a success.

                      Until again,

                     Yod HVH


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