Can dreams related to wish fulfillment come true in real life?

 Now let's look at Jessa's dream about "someone proposed to her in a dream" even though she doesn't have a boyfriend right now and she can be said to have failed in love.

Dear Yod HVH,

Hello. I dreamed that there was a "man who proposed to me" but I don't have a boyfriend right now. At the moment I am frustrated with love. What does this dream mean?


Most of our dreams are the result of our dreams, aspirations, desires and wants in life that are not fulfilled in reality, so it is "true and really happens in our dreams" while we sleep.

When the dream is like this, "what you really want to happen in reality has come true in your dream" it is what is called a class or a kind of dream that is common, which is called "wish fulfillment dream".

The wish fulfillment dream means as it is said that "one's unconscious self fulfills the desires and requests of the conscious self" while we are sleeping. That is why we often say that "when you sleep hungry, you can probably dream of eating or you can dream that you are eating."

The same thing typically happens to someone like you Jessa who doesn't have a boyfriend, when you think before you go to bed that you will have a boyfriend, it can be a dream for you and it will come true in your dream that you will have a boyfriend just like what was said. very true.

But the more "climax" or more important question is like this, which you haven't asked but I will ask for you, "can dreams related to wish fulfillment come true in real life?"

The answer is correct: "Dreams related to wish fulfillment can come true in real life if you think about it for nine days in a row or nothing until you fall asleep."

And for this to really come true, you have to be specific “your subject” which means you have a targeted man who will be your boyfriend. This ritual is also like you are "praying" but the difference between it and "prayer" or "praying that you have a boyfriend" is that you really think about it until you fall asleep.

And it should be a specific request that you repeat to yourself this example: "I hope I have a boyfriend next Christmas, and I will accept any other man who is destined!"

When you do that Jessa, you just keep whispering and telling your unconscious self the said “mantra or ritual” you will be surprised, even if you fail right now in the field of love, in the coming Christmas , "Your dream will come true, someone will process you, you will have a boyfriend and in the field of love as long as you live you will be happy!"



Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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