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HINTFirst, in almost every scene in your dream, you will notice that your feelings are “bored and annoyed.”

 CASE STUDY: Now let's look at  Nhoel's dream about chaotic and different dream scenes.


Dear Yod HVH,

My dream is confused. There are many stages and scenes. And when I woke up, I felt very heavy. These are my dreams.

First, I was in the office sitting at my desk when a colleague invited me to an event. In my dream, I repeatedly asked them where we were going. I asked so many questions over and over again that I got to the point where I was annoyed so I said: “If you don't want to say, I'm not coming, I have something more important to do than join you that I don't even know. going. ” And after that I went home. (Take note the former has dullness).

My second dream: I came home from work with a mixed chest because of my co -worker and I's argument. From the office I came home with someone else arranging things. I am the only one in my house. But in my dream I have a roommate who seems to have just moved. They are tidying up the room, they are very busy doing laundry and hanging up. They cover the gate with a lid so that they cannot see the outside or so that they cannot see the inside. The other part of the wall in front of the house is made of steel. They opened the front gate and I said: "Don't open it because it's not used!" And they went back and locked the old gate again.

Then in my dream I went out and entered the room and I observed what they were doing. While I was in the room, I noticed that the bolt of my cellphone was protruding and the one I tightened instead of tightening came loose, everything attached to my cellphone and I don't know after that if it still works.

When I went out of the house and someone to buy from the store I saw that my co -worker was picking me up that I had answered in the office and he forced me to join their walk and because I was really annoyed I really ignored him. As I was coming back, I thought my neighbor was sitting in a chair outside with a woman, I thought it was his wife, but I only talked to the man. When he stood up, I noticed that he had a deformity in his leg, his limbs were small but he was able to stand well.

And the first thing he asked was about that woman and man who had just moved into my house that he even called Kevin. I don’t remember answering that question. The last thing I remember in our story was about their house. It is small but he told that they do not have electricity and water yet but their house already has an electricity and water line but it is not working yet.

After this dream of mine, I felt heavy and it seemed like a lot had happened in my dream that was bad but nothing violent happened inside my dream. When I woke up, my body was very weak.

So hopefully, you will give an interpretation to my chaotic dream.

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Before we interpret your dream, Nhoel, I will first ask you an important question that is also related to your dream. The question is: “What time did you dream the scenes you narrate above?”

It may be as early as the morning you dreamed it before you finally got out of bed. 

It is common in a chaotic dream such as “power line and water in the house”  to Dream in the Morning

Meanwhile, once the dream is chaotic and there are various scenes and scenarios floating around, it is just proof that at present the world and mind of a person who dreamed of chaotic scenes like you, Nhoel, is also deliberately chaotic.

You may have a lot of problems right now and think, so ‘those problems and distractions also become the substance or main content of your dreams.

However, for the clarity of your mind, we will still interpret your dreams one by one.

First, in almost every scene in your dream, you will notice that your feelings are “bored and  annoyed.” That is, at the moment you are not aware or say that we are "unconsciously" disgusted, annoyed and annoyed with your co -workers: "If you do not want to say, I will not come, I have more important to do than come with you. that I just don't know where I'm going. ”

This means that in walking life or in real life you don't get along very well with your co -workers and in another scenario it is shown in your dream that you really hate them, like this scene: They open the front gate and I said: "Don't open it because it's not used!" It means you want them to follow your wishes, but they don’t seem to want to believe and follow you, which also indicates your dream that there is a lot of intrigue in your office.

But, even so, in the end you too will prevail and prove it in this dream scene. "When I went out of the house and there was a buyer at the store I saw that my co -worker was picking me up that I answered in the office and he insisted on inviting me to go with them on their walk and because I was annoyed I really ignored him."

Which means, in the end “you will also be in charge of your office. All intrigues and problems can be solved by you and fate will be up to you. If you stay tough and resilient, your dream says that your office problems will get heavier and more, but if you are generous, all your problems will disappear. At the same time, everything in your office will be in your favor, as long as you continue to be lucky, prosperous and happy forever.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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