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Dear Yod HVH,

It's good. I would have asked what the meaning of my dream was. He said I came from under the table or I think it was under somewhere. I don't know what it's called there, just that I came from the bottom. They said I had some food with me that was stuffed with me. When I left, I was wearing a white dress. My long hair is up. I'm fine. It was like a date I didn't want. I'm wondering because the white dress I'm wearing that's fitted up to my knees is still white and there's no dirt even though I'm from underneath and there's still food that's green in color. Something was served on the table. 

The food on the plate is also green. There is a candle and there is a man with me. He said I was very scared. But when the candle was lit, my fear was somewhat reduced. We each have a candle. The candle is white. The candle was also lit in front of the man. 

He tasted his food, but I couldn't even taste the food that was served in front of me. I don't know the man and I don't remember what he looks like. I said in my dream when he finished eating "Let me go now, my family is waiting!" Then I woke up. Why did I dream like that? I have a wife and a child? It's like I've dreamed that before, then it happened again.

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Let's first notice the scene in your dream where you are wearing a white  dress.

The one wearing a white dress is a picture of a woman who hopes that in the coming days, the love or romance she longs for will also be met with the right love and romance that she desires.

Sometimes wearing white, especially a type of gown worn by a bride, warns of illness, but because your white dress is "fitted to the knees" it means that in moments you look so sexy, especially with your long hair up.

So the white dress can be worn as it has been said, "is an unconscious wish to be met with competent taste and happiness with your fiery beauty and luscious physique, in your dream."

The question, "will that very sexy and beautiful appearance of yours in your dream be matched by a handsome and elegant man, so that like newlyweds on their honeymoon or gathering milk, they can both be fulfilled, satisfied and delicious?" We will answer that question later!

Meanwhile, when you come from "underneath" in your dream, it means "you have a problem to face or you have a problem at present".

What is your current problem that is actually "unconsciously or you are not aware of it" but the scenes in your dream show and make you feel like "a fire burning under the table".

Where, the fire is like the lit two white candles in your dream if you ask the psychologist Sigmund Freud it is considered "sexual energy" (burning desire) and the candle is a phallic symbol which also means the same thing. the picture of a man's "penis".

Appeared in your dream, the "fire and the candle" which are both related to "sexual energy and sexual prowess" because currently, this aspect of your life is also your problem that you do not report.

Where, "the fire must be on top" and not under the house. Apparently, in houses in cold places "isn't the fireplace or place to be heated usually in the living room of the house", but in your dream, it is noticeably different, because the "fire" you say in your dream is "under the table."

So as already said, if the psychologist Sigmund Freud were to be asked, he could have said something like this: "probably your current problem is related to your "sexual life", to the warmth of your body that you don't have. can be completely resolved." You may be hung up or often you are not satisfied and enjoy the time when you and your husband have sex. You have more to spew, but he's usually done.

This is also the reason "why you wear white clothes but don't get dirty, because you don't make much money and you can always be hanged!"

Freud's theory or speculation that unconsciously sex is your problem is confirmed when a man appears in your dream whose scene is: 

“My long hair is up. I'm fine. It's like a date I didn't want." Where, "date that you don't want", which means "your unconscious self if only able to speak seems to want to say "

I wish I had a date that I like" because "my hair is long and beautiful". Which means "it's a waste of your burning and burning energy in sex if it always hangs or can't be fulfilled completely."

That's why following these events in your dream, as explained, "immediately two lighted candles came out", which means that if there is no burning sexual desire, it is the beginning of "longing" or searching for the unconscious self. you in a sweet, delicious and burning romance that has so far not been met.

This is also the reason why "the food on the table is green" where, the color green or green conveys "hope" or "hope" which means even if you have mild or severe unconscious sexual frustrations in now, you have full confidence that in the next few days, when you and your husband have sex again, you will finally achieve a very satisfied orgasm that will cause you to completely satisfy your burning libido with the utmost pleasure and pure happiness.

While your final words in your dream say, 

"Let me go now, my family is waiting!"

 indicates that during the journey through your deep humanity, the events you are so excited about, the fulfillment and enjoyment, your unconscious self has decided to "return again to your family, in particular to the caress, the hug and the tenderness of your husband, so that one more time, with your control, you can finally achieve a hot, delicious and burning romance."

That's why, Kyra, it's true that once you've fully and deeply enjoyed the said "disappearing and burning libido in your inner self" at any time, without a doubt, you will never dream of, "fire, of a candle" again. , your long hair and the fact that you are dating a man you don't even know". Instead what you can dream of "is a stream or a wide sea, with very clear water, in which, you swim and paddle with pleasure!"

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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