Dream about bathing in the blue water of the pool

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HINT: This is a sign that a great fortune related to material things will come into your life

 Now let's look at Garciela's dream about bathing in the pool, suddenly it rained and flooded.


Dear Yod HVH,


Hello. I'm just asking what it means when I dreamed that we were bathing in a pool. Then suddenly it rained. My wife and I went up because the blue water was overflowing, when we went up, it flooded. Because the pool is high and there are houses on the side. The water in the pool reached the houses so that there were more people but no one drowned. People are even happy to take a bath. I hope you can answer my question.



The "pool" is a picture of your "vast unconscious self"

because "you are taking a bath or you and your husband are taking a bath" this is a sign of a major change in the course of your life, particularly in your "inner self" that will inevitably occur in next days.

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Meanwhile, similar to "pool" "flooding" has almost the same meaning where, flood means "release of emotion from the unconscious". That means, there is a strange emotion or feeling that will rule you in the next few days related to your relationship with your spouse or related to your relationship with your family.

Whether "positive or negative" will affect your feelings in the next few days, we will answer later.

Meanwhile, apart from the rush of feelings that will be lost in your personality, in the next few days, the "flood" in the dream is also related to the reproductive system of a woman, as follows:

  • First, it is possible that you dreamed of a flood, or were flooded, because you are currently fertile. And your sex life may be active or you may not be able to release it at the moment.
  • Second, you may have had sex with your husband or your partner and the domination that took place caused you so much pleasure and so much happiness, that your whole soul and personality almost flooded with so much pleasure and happiness.
  • Third, you may have dreamed of a flood or been flooded, because you currently have a monthly period or your menstrual period is at its peak.
  • And fourth, it is also said that women who will become pregnant or are close to becoming pregnant or are currently pregnant, also dreamed of a flood, because the flood or overflowing water is also the image of the "child's home" or the "very womb of a woman” who is about to have a baby.

Meanwhile, the color "blue" in particular, the "blue water" in your dream is a sign of "tranquility of spirit". That means, rest and deep relaxation of the body and not just of the body but of your whole being.

Have you ever slept and when you woke up, because your sleep was so good and sound, when you woke up you felt so good. That is exactly what the color blue wants to indicate in your dream that you will experience in the next few days.

Meanwhile, there are psychology books about dreams that say "the color blue is also a picture of deep spirituality, especially for Catholics, it is a picture of Mama Mary" which means in your dream, "how is your spirit your relationship with your mother." Maybe you've been forgetting to visit him or say hello? That's why blue water appears in your dream.

And just like "pool, flood or flood" the "color blue" also reveals a big change in your deep feelings, thoughts and the very innermost part of your being.

That is, Garciela, if you match the interpretations presented above, it becomes clear that the meaning of your dream, which is "pool, flood, and the color blue" - this is a consistent sign that a big change will take place in your inner self in the next few days. A surprising change, but another question you can ask that has not yet been answered is this: “Will the change be positive or negative?”

Your dream also answered the said question, where, the meaning of "raining in your dream portends the graces and blessings of heaven that are destined to come into your life."

Remember in ancient times, the ancient tribes performed some kind of ritual "to ask the sky to rain!" The same is true of your dream, "although you did not ask the sky, it will rain on its own, and this is a sign of what has been said that, the luck and blessings of life will come to you spontaneously."
Another question is when will it come and what will be the sign that the blessings and favors from heaven itself are coming?

The aforementioned question is answered by your dream "you and your husband are bathing or you are bathing in the pool". That is, after the "inner conversion" or "change of life" that takes place in your personality, what will immediately follow is the arrival of graces and blessings from heaven itself that will not only bring you abundance and happiness, but it will also bring abundance and happiness to your entire family and the people close to your heart.

And the last interpretation that you may not believe, "you are bathing in the pool, it rained, the water flooded and leveled the pool so the flood was over the people, no one drowned instead the people were even happily bathing." This is a sign that a great fortune related to material things will come into your life, and because of its enormous value, not only you and your family will benefit, but almost all the people you know and even the the whole Barangay will be happy and experience unparalleled prosperity.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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