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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Joshua's dream about the two friends going out together. There are birthday parties, farms and lovebirds.

Dear Yod HVH,

It's morning in my dream. My friends and I were waiting because we were going on an outing until the group was complete and we got into the red van. Jenny was with me and we were sitting next to each other. (Jenny in real life is also a friend of ours, she doesn't have a boyfriend yet but she has many flirts). While we were next to each other, he seemed to be crying on my shoulder because the trip was long. I don't know if we have a relationship or not in my dream but it seems like "we are close." Then the situation changed to the birthday party. 

There were a lot of people and it was fun, Jenny and I were together again and we were eating next to each other at a table and it was said that the birthday person who is also one of our friends was celebrating our birthday, that birthday was like a debut. Then my dream moved again to a field or farm, like in the province. 

There is a buffalo corral that has a bamboo tree on the side of the buffalo corral. With Jenny again, we sat on a bamboo chair with a backrest, while holding hands we watched the lovebirds perched on the bamboo tree, the wind shaking the branch they were stepping on. Then after a while, they suddenly flew away and completely disappeared from our sight. 

What does this dream of mine mean? In real life, even though Jenny is beautiful, I don't like her at all, she's not my type. The only thing I wonder is why we are close in my dream and we are always together?


If Jenny isn't your type or you don't have a crush on her but she's always with you in your dreams, it only means two things:

First, the obvious or closer to the truth, "your conscious self says you don't have a crush on him, but your unconscious self (your other self or your inner self) cannot deny, or deny, you want to be with him ” that's why Jenny "was with you in your dream, because of what your unconscious self did."

Second, "you may not have a crush on Jenny or you may not be your type, but because she always appears and floats in your dreams, you probably just don't know or you're just numb, "in real life Jenny has a secret in your view. ”

Meanwhile, let's not wonder who really likes you and Jenny, what we should do now is to interpret the other events in your dream.

"Waiting for a van, having an outing and let's say already riding in the van with friends or colleagues" is a picture of your current life, "no matter what your career is now, you are a student, or a young professional, only one thing is clear , you are happy in the present and living a typical teenager or youth”.

The "birthday party with Jenny" depicts that besides being happy in your current life, your life is also full of excitement and success.

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The "birthday party" especially and a lot of people, in the dream besides describing fun, it is also a sign of luck and good fortune and as already said, besides being happy, you also have many successful experiences today in the social aspect.

But because you are with Jenny at the birthday party and you are eating at the table together, this is a sign that "despite your success in your career and in other aspects of your life, such as the material aspect, there is something missing in your life right now, that's why Jenny is in your dreams even though she's not your girlfriend and you say you don't have a crush on her or you're not her type."

But what you can ask is this: "why is he always your partner or companion in your dreams?"

The answer is clear: "What is missing in your life right now that your unconscious self is showing you through dreams is a girlfriend. A girlfriend that if the unconscious self could only speak, he would say: "a girlfriend that at least looks or resembles Jenny."

The question now is will it come true or will it happen that your unconscious self wants you to have a girlfriend?

The response was positive, "because for the third time, you and Jenny once again met and spent time together in the farm, where you can see that the setting is "very old and very romantic", a time when the corral or buffalo house was still fashionable in the province with bamboo tree, where, on the bamboo tree, there are couples or partnered lovebirds perched who are making out or kissing."

This means, "you will be dating a hopelessly romantic and old-fashioned woman in the near future."

But it is also possible that you are the "hopelessly romantic" man and you are also the very conservative and old-fashioned man.

Regardless of the truth, the more important question that remains is this:

"After you get a girlfriend, what will happen to your relationship?"

The response of your dream is clear, "we are watching the lovebirds who are sitting on the bamboo tree while the wind shakes the branch they are stepping on. Then after a while they suddenly flew away, and completely disappeared from our sight." It means you will have a girlfriend and your relationship will be very romantic and sweet, but there will come a moment when you will be separated, (two lovebirds that left and flew away) but later on, you will greet each other again, (this is the picture of you and Jenny sitting on the bamboo chair there is even a backrest, while you hold hands) and when you greet each other again, your love will be even more intense and warm, - you will never be separated again, you will live in a foreign land until the said distant place is forever you have also formed a family.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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