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Dear Yod HVH,


Hello. What is the meaning of my dream of a coin in a bowl? My boss said to me, "Rachel, put all the coins here in the bowl".



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Rachel, your dream must have a positive and good meaning, because the coin and bowl are now commonly seen at the beginning of the New Year where, the "bowl filled with rice and coins" is displayed on the dining table with of different types of fruit circles and foods to welcome the New Year that symbolize luck and prosperity.

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional sense, a coin in a dream symbolizes material abundance, especially if the coin you dreamed about was plentiful and intoxicating.

Since the coin is "marketable" it is also a sign that in the next few days your "material needs" and physical needs will gradually be met. It means you will have a lot of money or maybe a new income.

In addition, according to the belief of the elders in particular according to the Chinese tradition that has been translated into the present time, it is said that whoever puts a coin in the bowl like you dreamed, Rachel, with only grains of rice likewise whoever puts coins in the pocket when the first day of the New Year comes, especially if the coins are rattled as the year divides, it will bring good luck and good fortune in the coming year.

It is also believed that the coin used in the "crisp rice bowl" as well as the "coin placed in the pocket" at the end of the year and to welcome the coming year should not be spent, because the said coin will bring more luck to the whole family.

That's why when the coin is dreamed it means progress and prosperity.

A coin is also placed in the "aras" of the newlyweds, which is used at the time of the wedding of the couple, which also symbolizes the family of the newlyweds, which is why apart from abundance, a coin in a dream also indicates a happy and abundant marriage. lover or husband and wife.

It was customary in ancient times and continues to this day in the provinces, the old silver coin is made into a lover's ring, which also symbolizes good luck and strong love, that's why when you dream of a coin, it is also an indication of a rich and strong union for lovers and the couple.

Coins are also equated to the hueteng and placed in the treasury of elders in distant provinces in the past, that is why when you dream of coins it also indicates the following days, the dreamer may win a large sum of money in a number games such as hueteng and others of its kind.

Coins are also placed on the lumps of children in the provinces so that the lump will gradually shrink, heal or heal, which is why a coin in a dream also indicates healing in particular "spiritual and inner healing" and can also actually be " physical healing” in any kind of illness,

In the modern or psychological interpretation, because the coin is round it symbolizes eternity or infinity, it also means that when you dream of coins, your mind will gradually reach the most correct and effective solution to the problems faced your current problem.

For lovers, a coin in a dream indicates that you may be the ones to stay together and join a rich family for the lifetime of your boyfriend or girlfriend, especially if there are a lot of coins in your dream.

The coin also symbolizes wealth and abundance, especially if what you saw in your dream was a shining pot full of gold coins. This is a sign that in the next few years you will surely accumulate a lot of wealth and abundance in life.

To businessmen, if the coin in your dream was given to you, you picked it up or you were the one who received it, it indicates a lot of profit and continuous development and continuous advancement of your business. If in your dream you are the one buying or issuing coins, this is a sign of gradual losses and loss of profit and eventually depletion of investment.

For employees and ordinary workers, a coin in a dream means that your income will increase in the next few months, but because the increase is "just a coin" your happiness will not be complete even if you say that your income has increased again.

For students, a coin in a dream is also a sign of an extra allowance or maybe in an unexpected situation and opportunity, you will suddenly pick up money or something important.

Because coins are also used in "wishing well" among teenagers, the dream of coins clearly indicates that "not only do you have a crush on your crush, but he also has a crush on you."

That's why Rachel, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, "My boss said to me, 'Rachel, put all the coins here in the bowl", which means that there will be a change in your life in the next days, months and years, and this change with the help of your boss and other people above you, will lead you to a more prosperous and more advanced life until your experience continues Continue to be happy forever.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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