Dream About Facebooking in the room, While looking in the MOON

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CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Jonna's dream about Facebooking, a bright sky and a bright moon that became eyes.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day. Please interpret my dream. I'm in my room, I'm lying on the bed and I'm on Facebook. It was night and the sky was bright and the moon was in the sky. As the moon is so bright in the sky, it shines through the glass window in my room. As I looked at the sky, the moon that was so bright suddenly turned into an eye. 

As in "the big moon became an eye that was just one big eye, the eye as big as the moon looking at me." The eye of the moon is very clear. It's not brave to look at me. I called Mama to tell her to look at the moon which turned into a big bright eye. Mama said, she also saw the eye. 

What does this dream of mine mean?


The fact that you are Facebooking in your room in a dream indicates that you are relaxed and do not have many problems, you are happy and easy-going.


regarding the scenario in your dream that "the moon has become an eye" usually or usually, we have two eyes, but in your dream it is strange that it is uniquely only one eye. So, you may ask, why is that?

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Another question, where is it common to see the same eye?

The correct answer is this: "The image of a single eye with no one staring at the beholder" can be seen on the back of the United States one-dollar bill. This single eye is called "The Eye of Providence" which also means "The all-seeing eye of God" or what is called "Omnipresent". That is, placing this symbol, “an open eye within a triangle, surrounded by light or rays”, it indicates “that the almighty God is always looking at the U.S. or in their country," that's why the word "In God We Trust" can also be read on the said United States one-dollar-bill which further strengthened the trust and faith of the said country in God.

Meanwhile, the image of "a single eye with a ray that seems to be looking at the viewer" which is called the Eye of Providence can also be seen used as a symbol of the organization Freemasonry or the Masons which also represents the "all-seeing eye of God" which serves as a reminder, that no matter where a person goes or goes, he is always seen and guided by God.

Apart from the said eye which was called the Eye of Providence in ancient times, you can also see the symbol of a single eye that was used for a long time by the ancient Egyptians which is called the Eye of Horus, meaning "Sun or Sun", this is a symbol of "protection, royal power, sacrifice, healing, restoration and good health."

That's why if the same "single eye staring at you" is interpreted in your dream, it is very clear that it symbolizes "a strange power or a strange force, which if you do not reject it is destined to bow down to you in the coming years. day.”

The same is indicated by the "moon or moon" in your dream. It's not just energy or power, but it's also a sign of unique luck and good fortune.

In the old or traditional sense, the moon in a dream indicates "unexpected joy, and success in business, in money and in love."

If the moon is very bright it is a sign of abundance for businessmen and traders. While for those in love, the very bright moon is a sign of hot, delicious and crazy romance that will lead to a rich and happy marriage that will also result in a happy, rich and lifelong family.

While in the modern or psychological interpretation, the moon in a dream, especially if it is very bright, indicates "flowing emotions" it is also a sign of "flowing happiness."

In addition to this, the moon in the dream is also an indication of "a woman's monthly cycle" and if the moon is really bright in the dream, it is a sign of "completion and ripeness". That means, your personality and your full strength are ready and ripe to harvest in the next few days, all the luck and good fortune that heaven will grant you.

That's why if you match the interpretations mentioned above, the meaning of your dream that "bright sky, and bright moon that became eyes" is now clear indicates that in the coming days, one after another of good luck and happy experiences you will experience. 

These lucks related to emotions or feelings and other things, this is a gift from heaven itself specially for you, and because it comes from The Eye of Divine Providence, it will not always look at you, but, all these lucks, graces and blessings will be yours forever.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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