Dream about her going back and forth to their old HOUSE

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Dream case study : Now let's look at Cherry Anne's dream about her going back and forth to their old house.


Dear Yod HVH,

I often dream of different types of houses. There is a beautiful house and there is an ugly house. But lately, I've been very worried because I've been dreaming like this more and more often. in my dream that I keep returning to our old house when we were children?



If you don't have your own house right now or let's just say you rent, you probably dream of a house, because this is what is called "wish fulfillment dreams."

That is, through dreams, "Our dreams and wishes in life come true, while we sleep — through dreams."

It is said that they also dream of a house and not just a house, sometimes they are "new house and lot" newly married couples who dream of having their own land and house. This is a type of so-called "wish fulfillment dreams" as explained above.

Meanwhile, let's now look at the other meaning of the house in the dream:

In the old or traditional sense a house in a dream indicates tranquility — peace of mind and harmony. Because the house is the residence of the family and resting place of the family, the moment this dream is dreamed it also indicates love for blood or you are very concerned about your family or each member of your family so that your unconscious thought house.

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It may also be in the moments of your dream, if you are alone and don't have your own family, you "wish to have a family" who will accompany you and talk to you about your current concerns and problems.

Since life has a foundation and every part of it is complete — door, window, bedroom, dining room, living room and so on, the house in a dream also indicates the harmony of the mind and the integrity of the inner self.

If the house is a hut or a poor person's house, it is a sign that you are satisfied with your current situation in life, even if you are poor. Because of this, when you always dream of a hut or a small house, it indicates that you are currently vaguely rich.

If the size of the house is just right, not small and not beautiful or big, it is indicated that in your current status that can be said to be in the "middle class" you are already satisfied or happy with your situation.

If the house in the dream is big, beautiful, stylish and rich, it is a sign that currently your "unconscious self" is still dreaming or aspiring for "something more" in his life or additional achievement in the society he lives in. If he is quite well-off in life and is slightly shy, the dream of a beautiful and big house indicates that you dream of getting rich, and if you always dream of the said beautiful and elegant house, it is a sign of material abundance until you become rich.

In the modern or psychological interpretation, the house in your dream is yourself. The current state of your personality.

So if the house you dreamed about is beautiful, it means that your outlook in life is also good at the moment and you can also say that you are "spiritually and physically fit" during the times when you dreamed of a beautiful, cozy and orderly house.

On the other hand, if the house is damaged, such as a cracked ceiling, it is a sign that you have a deep problem at present related to your "spiritual self" or that you are searching for a deep meaning in life.

Sometimes the ceiling of the house in your dream is broken, because during those times you don't pay attention to the "spiritual side" and "inner side of your personality."

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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