Dream About knotted necklace with a cross pendant.

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CASE STUDY: Dream Interpretation today was sent by Nerissa about a knotted necklace with a cross pendant.


Dear Yod HVH,

What does it mean when I dreamed of a knotted necklace, then I fixed it and put it back to its original state? Then I put it on and noticed that the necklace still had a cross pendant. Thank you.


The "necklace" can also be considered a type of "jewelry" and any interpretation of jewelry is almost the same as the meaning of a necklace in a dream.

In the old or traditional sense, jewelry in a dream portends a positive event. If in your dream someone gave you jewelry, it is a sign that in the next few days you will count the blessings that will come one after another that you did not expect.

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If you are a married woman, jewelry in a dream also indicates that you will have healthy, intelligent, and successful children especially in material things.

In addition to this, if you really always or often dream of jewelry, this also indicates that you will soon become rich and in the next few years, the word that you will soon become rich will come true on purpose.

 If you dreamed of "antique" or old jewelry but you know its value or quality is high, if you are a woman you will get back together with your ex-boyfriend and if you are a man you will get back together with your ex-girlfriend.

If you are a young woman and in your dream you are wearing lovely and beautiful jewelry, this is a sign that currently many men secretly and openly admire you.

In the modern sense or psychological interpretation, jewelry in a dream is itself a symbol of your status in society. When you dream that you are wearing jewelry, it is a sign that the day will come when you will be famous and your deeds will also be famous. You will be recognized in the society you live in and you will receive recognitions and awards.

But the strange thing about your dream, Nerissa, is that "the jewelry or the necklace you dreamed about is tangled" which means, "before you are completely lucky and have a good fortune, you will first go through hardships, obstacles and tests of life" , which, "because you fixed the knotted necklace" this is a sign that the time will come when your life will get better and better, you will progress until you finally advance and become rich.

Another question that has not been answered in your dream is "what is the relationship and meaning of the cross pendant attached to the necklace in your dream?"

For ancient elders it is said that "the cross means calvary, pain and suffering like what Jesus went through before he was resurrected.

That's why if you follow this ancient interpretation of the elders, "the cross and the knotted necklace in your dream are related", it both means "after the problems, trials and difficulties you have experienced, you should not give up or lose hope, because the "gloria" will surely come, the salvation or the "resurrection" will also take place, or the resurrection - which indicates continuous progress, happiness and abundance.

That's what your dream of "a knotted necklace that you untied, with a cross pendant that you wore" indicates - it means that all the trials of life that you are currently experiencing are sure to be overcome you, that in the end, as has been said, you will reap abundance and incomparable happiness.

Meanwhile, there is another one who wants to indicate the cross in your dream, it also means "whatever problem or problems come into your life" your dream advises, that you always pray and tirelessly call on God. When you do that, what is sure to happen, all the problems and obstacles that come into your life will be instantly erased, to be replaced by luck, good fortune and blessings that you will enjoy as long as you live.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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