Dream about a little black SNAKE that turned into an insect.

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HINT: Because apart from temptation and destruction, the snake in the dream also represents deception or there may be friends who owe you or borrow money and then you will not be paid anymore.

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at  Crisanta's dream about a little black snake that turned into an insect.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day! Can you please interpret my dream. I am here in Israel right now. I dreamed of a snake last night, a black snake that is not big. I was teased. Let me look at the many small snakes.

Then someone stared at me again and I saw again that many were already crawling towards me. Then suddenly the snakes flew like flies and then suddenly an insect bit me. So when I looked at my leg, there were three bite marks. That's my dream.

Actually in my real life when I was a young woman, there was a snake in our house every day. This snake, they said it was a house snake. My brother always kills snakes. The only strange thing is that wherever I live in my house, there is always a snake. They treated me at the pharmacy, they said it looked like a fairy. I have always dreamed of a snake since then. When I came here to Israel, only now did I dream of a snake again. I hope you can give me an interpretation of this dream so that I don't have to worry that the meaning of my dream is bad?

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 Often the serpent in the dream indicates jealousy or a secret enemy and sometimes it also indicates an impending temptation. So if you have other colleagues there at your place of work, you probably dreamed of “many little snakes” there may be people who are secretly jealous of you, which is why such snakes have become “insects, fly, clap. and then they bite you ”, that is, they will try to slander you or tell a bad story. So the solution, always be careful in friendship and do not just trust.

Because apart from temptation and destruction, the snake in the dream also represents deception or there may be friends who owe you or borrow money and then you will not be paid anymore. That is why when you have friends who borrow money, especially large amounts, you should not lend them, so that they do not "bite, snatch or trust you" as a snake usually does.

However, Crisanta, in a positive interpretation the snake is especially black in color, and let’s just say that this snake is what you often dream of when you are still in the Philippines. You said that "there is always a snake" in the house where you often live, it is possible that the snakes in your dream indicate "internal and spiritual healing".

 This means that in the near future all your illnesses, life problems and worries will gradually disappear and be resolved suddenly and unexpectedly, so that three years from now, as already mentioned, you will have no much trouble in life, instead of the aforementioned time, you are already very successful and very happy, although the “bite of three” also indicates that even if your life is comfortable and happy, your past experiences will always be memories will still come back to your mind, so that in this way, you will always be humble and always steadfast in whatever life challenges come your way.

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Until again,

Yod H V H.


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