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WITH CASE STUDY:  The Dream Interpretation sent today by Shenna is about the pocketbook that her father burned.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of a book. He said I was reading a book, I think I was reading a pocketbook. Papa suddenly arrives who has been dead for a long time. He got angry when he saw that I was reading pocket books instead of school books. 

He took my pocketbook. He went to the stove, threw the pocketbook I was reading into the wood stove and it caught fire. I cried when I cried, then Papa came back with two new thick books, the books had many colored pictures and were brand new, I was very happy and I started to open them and read. Then I woke up, what could my dream mean?


The book in the dream is related to "wisdom", the problem with your dream Shenna, the "book you are reading is a pocketbook" which may have been "misinterpreted by your father" that it has nothing to do with your studies that is why " he threw it into the stove and it burned."

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It means "your dad doesn't want you to read books that have nothing to do with academics or the subjects studied at school" the case or what you can ask is "why did your dad who has been dead for a long time appear in your dream ?”

It means "your dad doesn't want you to read books that have nothing to do with academics or the subjects studied at school" the case or what you can ask is "why did your dad who has been dead for a long time appear in your dream ?”

But no matter what happens, the "repress sexual drives you are locking up" will also spontaneously fall off or disappear when the time is right.

So the next question Shenna you should answer is "do you have a boyfriend now?"

If not,

 "the pocket book you are reading may be about a novel or a love story"

 so when "your father saw it, he took it from you and threw it into the fire". This is also a clear sign or warning, that "if you are currently a student, your dream has a message that your Dad doesn't want you to have a boyfriend until you finish school."

The problem is, because there is "fire in your dream" as stated above, "there is a strong libido or sexual drive within your personality that is disappearing" that is why when "your father took the book you were reading and threw it in the fire" you cried, or you cried, because "you lost your freedom, you lost your own decision about what you should and should not read or do."

However, the best thing about your dream is that when "your dad came back, he had two books that were both new — beautiful, colorful, thick and with lots of pictures."

This means, there will come a time when your father will allow you to have a boyfriend and the future boyfriend will be a man who is famous, well-known, in the society he lives in, and apart from being rich, he is also intelligent.

But what you can ask now, Shenna, "How can your father stop you if you have a boyfriend now, for example?" What I mean, can he refuse or can he prevent you from having a boyfriend like he is dead and only appears in your dreams?"

This is the clear answer: "In reality, everything, people or anyone we see in our dreams, without a doubt, "it's you" is yourself, or your unconscious self that wants to do something, or remind you. to you or have something to say to you.”

In eloquent words, "your father in your dream is also your own" which, if you have a "boyfriend at the moment or you have a lover, so your father burned the first book you were reading is because you don't really you like your boyfriend or your lover, in which case, although the relationship is a bit romantic (the pocketbook you are reading) but the truth is that you argue with yourself because "that kind of relationship doesn't really mean anything to you" so what happened, " you burned it”.

And after some time, after you break up with your boyfriend or after you beat your lover, your dad will come now, "bringing two new books, better, thicker, more colorful and many pictures,” whereupon, you took one, you were so happy that you opened it and read it.”

Therefore, Shenna, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear: "two men will come into your life who are both intelligent, educated, and from recognized families, two years later they will be The other is your boyfriend and you will be able to get married forever and be together in building a happy and forever family."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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