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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Laarni's dream about running with a destination that while running feels light as if floating.


 Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of my dream that I was running and while I was running, I was floating and I felt light. And while I was running I was going to a very high ground like a wall. And I feel like I'm a little scared but I managed to climb and reach the height of my destination. October 19, 1991 is my birthday.



When running in a dream the automatic next question that the dreamer must answer is "why are you running and who is chasing you?"

Usually, an individual runs in his dream because "someone is chasing him."

And in a dream, when you are running there is someone chasing you, it immediately means "you are running away from a problem, mistake, guilty feeling, weakness or sin in yourself or your neighbor" so you are running while someone is chasing you.

But what is interesting about your dream, Laarni, which also makes your servant Yod HVH very happy is the scene or scenario in your dream that "you are running but no one is chasing you" instead, "you are running because you are going somewhere !”


And when you run you feel like you are 

"floating in the air or in the sky feeling very high!" 

Where, this dream is very positive and very beautiful.

Your dream left nothing in the dream of a flying creature. Because of the dream of flying, just like "floating while running" it is a sign of "euphoric mood or euphoric feeling", which means you are happy at the moment.

Meanwhile in the old or traditional sense, it is said that the dream that "you are running and floating" is an indication of travel. That's why if you are planning to go abroad, the right time will definitely come when you can go abroad.

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In addition to this, the dream "you are running and floating" - also says that you have a dream that is quite high in your current position or state of being, but you will fulfill it and reach it.

Again because you have reached your destination with your impatience, this is a sign that the right time will come when you will also achieve the said ambition or dream position, no matter how high the thing you aspire to achieve.

It is also possible that the dream that "you are running and floating" means that right now you are hoping for something to come true, but you are still a little skeptical.

Meanwhile in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, for the psychologist Sigmund Freud "you run floating" is "related to sexual fantasy."

Where, the dream that "you run floating" left nothing in the "arousal of your femininity". That means, while you dream that you are floating, "the feeling of this or the feeling inside your being is like you are having sex - you will be satisfied!"

Freud may be right, that the dream "running and floating in the air or in the sky" is a wish to have sex or to release the libido for pleasure".

Freud may be right, "we all long for sexual pleasure or pleasure, which we will not release in walking life, but the moment we dream of floating in the dream" - the feeling is delicious.

As it was said that our sexual urge of that night is almost over, which means, "feeling high and euphoric mood" your whole being, - so floating in the dream, as if you are really having sex with the great pleasure you feel while you are dreaming.

Meanwhile, Larni, if we take this interpretation of Sigmund Freud, the summary will probably be like this: 

"While I'm running, I'm floating and I'm feeling light. And while I was running I was going to a raised ground like a wall. And I feel like I'm a little scared but I was able to climb and reach the height of my destination." 

That means, you may not have a boyfriend right now, so you are scared and what you are afraid of is having a boyfriend or having sex. If you have a boyfriend or a husband, your sex may always be suspended so instead of reaching "that high and euphoric state" when you run you are floating, that is "sexual frustration" but you are floating in dreams and said sexual frustration you also do while you sleep and dream.

That's why if you match the interpretations presented above, it becomes clear what your dream means, Laarni, "when I run, I float and I feel light." It means you are happy with your life right now and you are happy with whatever you are aiming for or planning, or you are happy with your dream that you want to achieve.

That's why "because there's a little fear" it's a sign of a little self-doubt but ignore it, because the end scenario of your dream is: "While I'm running I'm going somewhere a raised earth like a wall. And I feel like I'm a little scared, but I was able to climb and reach the height of my destination."

And because what you're going to is "wall earth" that means you'll be rich with the core of wealth and while you're getting rich, – you're happy!

That means, Laarni, congratulations, "because the real meaning of your dream is whatever you dream about at the moment, in love, in your career, in sex or even in material things and in all aspects of your life , even with a little fear and self-doubt no doubt, you will achieve success and when you are at the top of success and as you reach it, you will definitely be very satisfied, you will be very happy!”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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