Dream about a Stranger man then gave her three red roses without thorns

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 Now let's look at  Rose Anne's dream about a man she didn't know and then gave her three red roses without thorns.


Dear Yod HVH,


My dream was about flowers and a man I don't know. He said I was walking in the park and alone but I couldn't tell if I was happy in the park or sad and where I was going. Suddenly someone came to my man whom I did not know. 

He was about my age and he handed me three red roses. I looked closely at the three red roses and wondered why there were no thorns. 

Then I was going to talk to him but he suddenly disappeared. I didn't ask him what the three red roses were for and why roses don't have thorns. 

In my dream I was happy regretting what happened. I am happy because someone gave me three red roses that in all my life I have never given them and I regret because the man who gave the rose suddenly disappeared.


When  a stranger suddenly appears in our dream that we don't know, it means

"a surprise will come to our lives in the next few days".

Whether the said surprise brought by a "stranger" or "a person we don't know" is good or bad depends on the situation in your dream.

In your case Rose Anne, because you were given "three red roses without thorns" it means that a positive event will suddenly come into your life.

But, for the time being, let's first look at the meaning of the flower in our dream.

In the old or traditional meaning the flower in your dream indicates that in the next few days you will feel happy feelings caused by a romantic love and a good relationship.

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Fresh flowers in a dream are also a sign of the fulfillment of your plans and plans especially in matters related to feelings.

So, if you are a young man or woman who is thinking of getting married and then you dream that you are picking colorful and fragrant flowers then you tie the flowers to put them in the vase (flower vase) this is a sign that in the near future you will experience your long-held dream of a happy marriage that will lead to an abundant and happy family for life.

In the modern or psychological interpretation, the flower in a dream according to the psychologist Sigmund Freud is also the "yoni symbol". That is, it is a woman's vagina itself. Therefore, if you are a teenager or adolescent currently, the flowers in your dream are stuck in a vase (flower vase), this is an indication of the little by little bubbling up and becoming a young woman "Nene" (that's you) in especially the sensitive part of your body is bubbling up and your unconscious mind is slowly preparing for boyfriend and sex.

In other words, if you are a young woman and you dream of a flower, it means, "you aspire to have a boyfriend and this preparation may come true in the next few days."

And since the flower is a "yoni symbol" as already said, in general the flower is a sign of a very good intercourse. Where, in the near future, especially if the flowers you dreamed about are in full bloom, this indicates or is a warning that in the near future "your sexual innocence or your virginity will be lost."

For married people who have not yet been blessed with a child, the flower, especially when it is fresh and blooming, is also a sign of a woman's imminent pregnancy. So if you are married but you are not pregnant yet but you want to have a child then you have a fresh dream, and flowers are blooming, it is time to ask that mister to make a baby so that you can have a child.

Because the flower as it has been repeatedly said is related to "libido" the withered flowers indicate "sexual frustration" for women and the virgins while the fresh flower is "sexual energy that dissipates the core of the your personality.”

For entrepreneurs, a flower in a dream means extra profit that will bring joy and prosperity to the whole family.

To those entering and to ordinary employees, a flower in a dream indicates an extra promotion and an extra salary in your current job.

For students, a flower in a dream is a sign of , gimmicks, watching movies, outings, swimming and other activities mentioned above that will bring joy to the whole gang. Because the flower is a "yoni symbol" it can also be while having fun, a romantic, unique, delicious and sensual experience will occur.

Therefore, Rose Anne, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear: "I was walking in the park and alone," which means "at the moment you are a little sad but you want to have fun.”

Then, "suddenly, someone I don't know approached my man." That means, there will be a surprise in your life related to feelings, that this surprise may actually make you completely happy.

"He (the man) is almost my age and he handed me three red roses." It means that the surprise that will come in your life has something to do with love.

"I looked closely at the three red roses and I wonder why there are no thorns." That means, the love or relationship that will come will not be tainted by disappointment or sadness, (because the rose has no thorn) what this means is continuous happiness and happy love.

"Then I was going to talk to him but when I looked at him, he suddenly disappeared." It means, "the man you can have a relationship with is coming soon."

And he is destined to come as indicated in your dream of "three red roses", which means "three months from now", where, your regret will disappear, you will never be alone, because in the company of the said man, the moment he arrives, around the month of June or July your experience will be filled with a unique color, fragrance and happiness for a lifetime.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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