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HINT: When you dream of a wave, even in the sea or in the river, this wave, weak or strong, it foretells the trials and problems to come or, the trials and problems you are currently working on or having problems with.

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at  Joecelyn's dream about a strong current of water, big fish being caught, crossing the water up to her chest and up to her neck to get home.

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Dear Yod HVH,

How are you! A blessed day to you. I just want to refer you to my dream. My dream is that my wife and I, my two sons, are in the same place, that I can't explain if it's a river or the sea. All I knew was that the water was strong but the size of the fish I caught and the other fish I could easily catch with just my hand. We were only in the shallow part of the water but I caught a big fish. 

When my two children and I caught fish, we went home and crossed the water to their shore. My eldest son who was waiting for us was already in the water, while my youngest son who was sitting on my neck because he could not swim. We just walked the water up to my oldest son’s chest. The depth of the water is up to my neck. 

The water was weak so we crossed their shore on our way home. That’s where my dream ended. What does my dream mean and I hope you can explain it? I am a single mom and here in Saudi Arabia working as a D.H. Thank you very much.


When you dream of a wave, even in the sea or in the river, this wave, weak or strong, it foretells the trials and problems to come or, the trials and problems you are currently working on or having problems with.

The best thing about your dream, Janice, even if the water is up to your chest and up to your neck, you are together with your two children that you crossed it and another very positive event in your dream is that after you crossed the deep water, you came home safe in your home.

This means that no matter how many problems come into your life, all of them you will be able to overcome and overcome, which, with the help of your two children serves as your inspiration. There is no problem you cannot get through and solve.

Aside from your dream implying that you can solve and overcome even whatever problem comes into your life, you are also destined to be blessed by heaven until you continuously prosper and eventually you can also become rich. So the analysis turned out to be like this, because “despite the big and strong waves” you can easily catch big fish that you catch with just your hands.

That is, whatever you are doing at the moment, whatever you are doing, just improve and improve or let’s just say you just continue to endure and strive, because in the time allotted by destiny, as your dream indicates, “you will overcome all the challenges that will come into your life and eventually, such as big fish that you can easily catch, will ensure a prosperous, and prosperous life with your children and other loved ones who will continue to love you and you will have a prosperous and happy experience for a lifetime.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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