Dream about take shelter in an acacia tree in the middle of a strong storm

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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Issue  of Arlene's dream of a strong storm, a big acacia tree and a clear morning.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed that I was in the middle of a very strong storm. The wind was strong, blowing my hair, all the leaves of the trees were falling to the ground, while the branches of the trees around me were creaking in the strong wind. 

No branches were broken but I thought the storm was really strong, so I looked for a house to stay in, I looked around, but there was no house around me. I just sat next to a big acacia tree, which was also being shaken by the strong wind so I just closed my eyes. 

When I opened my eyes, the storm was gone, the wind was gone, the sky was clear, the surroundings were quiet and it was like morning. The sun was gradually rising in the east, the birds were flying and chirping and I witnessed a very clear morning. Then, I woke up.


The acacia tree is considered a blessed tree and it is also one of the holy trees where, according to the Bible, "the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant were made of the acacia tree" (Exodus 37 and 38).

This is also the reason why most Churches have acacia trees planted in their yard or side.

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And because the acacia tree is considered a powerful and holy tree, that's why if the acacia tree is dreamed of it indicates "safety" or "not when you dream of it you may be in "a holy place."

Meanwhile, Arlene, if you look back at your dream, you will notice that you were indeed "saved" because "you sat under the acacia tree and closed your eyes, when you opened your eyes, the storm was gone instead, the sky was clear and what you saw was a beautiful and new morning.”

However, before we continue, it would be better if we take a look first at what does a typhoon or storm mean in a dream?

A storm in a dream warns of big problems and unexpected obstacles. It is also a sign of trial, illness, resentment and anger.

In addition to this, intense fear, despair and weakness is also a hint when we dream of a storm.

However, your dream doesn't end there, Arlene, so you shouldn't be sad. Rather after the storm, when you open your eyes, "the sun has risen in the east, the birds are flying and chirping and you have witnessed a very clear morning."

This is a clear sign that the problems that will come in your life will end, accompanied by fear and anxiety, blessings and the good morning that you will witness and experience in your life.

However, before we continue it would be better to first look at the meaning of "sunrise" and "the morning" in your dream.

The dream of dawn indicates "rebirth, renewal, new beginning" and it also reveals "spring" or "spring".

That means, after you have had serious problems that represent the "storm " in your dream, you will not only have a "new beginning" instead, a new morning will also dawn in your life with blessings, such as in the springtime how the leaves grow and bloom again in the wasteland. The same will happen in your life, after problems and trials you will receive many blessings and graces.

So Arlene, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream becomes clear: 

"you are in the middle of a strong storm but there is no rain" 

which means "at this time of your life, there are many trials and sorrows you will suffer” that you almost give up (sit under an acacia tree and close your eyes). 

But, in your surrender to the problems that come as long as you remain praying and being close to God (the acacia tree in your dream is also the seat of God or the Tabernacle), that's it, as long as you stay just pray, don't lose hope and be close to God, "the clear sky and the sunrise in the east" will also come into your life at the same time as "birds flying and whispering" that is looming in a -in the blink of an eye, all your sorrows and sufferings, as well as all your heavy problems and problems, will fade away and disappear, to be replaced by a richer and more fruitful and happier destiny, which you are destined to experience in near future, where these good fortunes and blessings from God will never run out and will remain with you forever.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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