Dream About Too many RED ANT in my work place

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HINT: The meaning of ants depends on what they do in your dream. If the ant in your dream is too “busy and they are really too busy and preoccupied with what they are doing” it is a sign that your “unconscious self” is currently indicating that you should not be alone,

CASE STUDY:  Look at  Rizalyn's dream about the red ant.


Dear Yod HVH,


I dreamed that there were many, many red ants in my work place. I could barely step on the floor because of the large number of ants on the side of the swimming pool near where I work. They didn't hurt me but I was afraid they would come at me because I knew it would be itchy and I would be hurt. What does this dream of mine mean?


Because ants symbolize diligence, which, they work 24 hours a day, when you dream of an ant especially red, it reminds you that you must work hard, which, because the ants are diligent in collecting rinsing and fallen foods, when the rainy season comes they are abundant.

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Of all the insects the ants have a “happy future” or let’s say “financially secured” they always have a “security of life” because surely no matter what famine or disaster comes, the ants always have something in store. food.

That is why your dream as mentioned above reminds you that at this time of your life, your current experience is probably abundant and prosperous, you should save for the “future” especially the future of your children. ”

And because you have dreamed of so many red ants, it is a sign that in the next few years of your life if you gather now, you will surely have a lot of livelihood and wealth.

Meanwhile, according to the elders, the red ant is luck which means money and it also signifies "sweetness for lovers."

That's why if you have a boyfriend now or love the red ant that is too much really also indicates "a sweet and delicious romance you will taste in the next few days."

Meanwhile, in the modern sense or psychological interpretation the meaning of ants depends on what they do in your dream.

If the ant in your dream is too “busy and they are really too busy and preoccupied with what they are doing” it is a sign that your “unconscious self” is currently indicating that you should not be alone, instead, so that you to succeed and be happy, you need to get out of your home and join the community you belong to. 

That way, you participate in “social activities” in your area you will only prosper and succeed instead this socializing with friends will also give you a happier experience.

In ancient cultures and in various ancient civilizations, the ant has different meanings.

In Italy, for example, the ant is considered "Cares, the Italian goddess of grains and harvest." This means that when you dream of ants you expect in the next few days, your harvest will be abundant and at the same time there will be growth and grace coming into your life.

To the ancient Aztecs, they were the first natives to settle in Mexico, ants were said to be the “guide” or “guide” so that you could find a place full of a bountiful harvest of corn. So just like in the ancient culture in Italy, when you dream of an ant as already mentioned, it heralds prosperity in the coming days.

It also says "In Indian mythology the Arimasps were giant ants who dug up gold, wisdom and emotional richness." That is, ants not only express material prosperity, if Indian mythology is to be relied upon, they also reveal wealth and emotional happiness.

While in the old-fashioned or traditional sense this is what the ant signifies in a dream, the ant is a sign that “your family or you will move to a place of residence or occupation where, in the city or prosperous place you are moving or going to, there you will surely prosper until you become rich. ”

To lovers, the ant signifies a quick marriage that your family will be left with many children and even if you have many children, prosperity and wealth will still come first in your happy and prosperous family.

So Rizalyn if the interpretations stated above match, the meaning of your dream that there are many ants in the side swimming pool near where you work is now clear, “where, in the near future, as long as you continue to take care of livelihood, be frugal and learn to save, destiny will provide you with two things, a very prosperous life and a very happy and sweet experience related to love and marriage that you will enjoy for life. ”

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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