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HINT: according to Sigmund Freud the flower is "yoni symbol", that is, it is the  breast of a woman and vagina of a woman. 

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at  dream about flowers in Modern and Traditional Meaning


Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of flowers. What does this mean and are there numbers that equal flowers? I often bet on lotto and hueteng. Thank you very much.


The flowers in hueteng and lotto have the same number where, in Lotto the number of flowers is 16, 18 and 33, 23 and 28 can also be.

In the lottery, you can choose the numbers, 6, 15, 28, 33, and 44. 

Meanwhile, in the old-fashioned or traditional sense the flower

in your dream indicates that in the next few days you will feel happy feelings caused by a romantic love and delicious relationship.

Fresh flowers in the dream are also a sign of the fulfillment of your plans and plans especially in matters related to emotions.

So, if you are a young man or woman who is thinking of getting married and then you dream that you are picking colorful and fragrant flowers and then you tie the flowers to put them in a vase (flower vase) it is sign that in the future, you will experience your long dream of a happy marriage that will bring a prosperous and happy family for life.

But, if you see withered flowers in your dream, whether you pick them or not, it is a warning of tears and disappointment; old age young man or old age virgin for life; and it also warns of serious and strange illness.

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In the modern or psychological interpretation, the flower in the dream as we have discussed in previous pages, according to Sigmund Freud the flower is "yoni symbol", that is, it is the  breast of a woman and vagina of a woman. So if the flowers in your dream are stuck in the vase (flower vase) it is an indication of the gradual erupting and becoming a virgin "Nene" in particular erupting the delicate part of her body and gradually of preparing her unconscious mind for having a boyfriend.

In other words, if you are a girl or a teenager and you dream of a flower it means, "you are looking to have a girlfriend or boyfriend at the moment."

But if you dream of a “wild flower”, such as a perennial in the forest, a water lily in the field, a spinach flower in the river, a rose in a thorn, it is a warning to those who are looking for “little by little what Nene will discover” the independence (masturbation). This means that if you are a young woman or a young man and you have always dreamed of "wild flowers" it is a sign that the unconscious self seeks or secretly desires to absorb body heat with his own hands.

And because the flower is a "yoni symbol" as already mentioned, the flower is generally a sign of a delicious intercourse. Which, in the near future, especially the over-blooming of the flowers you dream of it indicates or a warning that in the near future "you will lose your sexual innocence or your virginity."

For those who are married and have not yet been blessed with a child, the flower, especially when it is fresh and in bloom, is also a sign of impending pregnancy. So if you are married and you are not pregnant yet, invite that mister to make a baby so that you can have children.

Because the flower as has been repeatedly said is related to "libido" the withered flowers indicate "sexual frustration" for women and young women.

To entrepreneurs the dream flower means extra profit that will bring the whole family joy and prosperity. If the flowers you dream of wither, it is a sign of gradual business losses that will bring great sorrow to the whole family.

To the employed and to the average employee the dream flower signifies extra promotion and extra salary in your current job. If the flowers you dream of wither, it is a sign that you will move to a position you hate so much.

For the students, the flower in the dream is a sign of skipping, gimmicks, watching movies, outings, swimming and other similar activities that will bring fun to the whole group. Because the flower is a “yoni symbol” it is also possible while having fun, a romantic, unique, delicious and sensual experience will take place.

If the flowers wither in a student's dream, it is a warning sermon and sermon by grieving parents that will open at the gate when they return home.

Because the flower as has been repeatedly said is related to "libido" the withered flowers also indicate "sexual frustration" for women and young women.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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