Dreaming About wearing a Red dress with Pearl

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HINT:  it foretells a very good fortune is destined to come to you in the next few days. The only problem a "pearl decoration" where, in the Traditional meaning, the pearl in the dream foreshadows tears and sadness.

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at  Janice's dream about "a red dress, blouse and shorts, a broken cell phone so her boss replaced it".


Dear Yod HVH,


I had a dream, Maestro, that I was getting dressed because I was going to go to school. Then I was in front of a large mirror and I thought that what I was going to wear was my red with pearl decoration. So, that's what I wore. I saw in the mirror that I was very beautiful, nothing was as beautiful, because of the dress I was wearing. But I suddenly thought of just taking it off and changing into a blouse and short jeans because it’s Friday. 

So it seems like a pity if I still wear nice clothes. Then I looked at my watch and it was about eight o'clock and I was late so I hurried. Then I saw the ironing horse on the bed so I took it and built it on the side of the door. I seem to have returned. Then I had another dream, the man dropped my cell phone so it was broken and damaged. Then when my female boss found out what happened, she bought a new cell phone. So I'm very happy because I have a new cell phone. I hope you notice my dream and know its meaning.

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To you Janice,

When you dream that you are wearing a red dress, it foretells a very good fortune is destined to come to you in the next few days. The only problem with your "red dress" that you wore in your dream is that it has a "pearl decoration" where, in the Old -fashioned sense, the pearl in the dream foreshadows tears and sadness.

But the funny thing about your dream Janice is when you take off the red dress and change it into a “blouse and short jeans”. That is, you will have a very good fortune but before that happens, you will experience tears and sadness and can also be "vice-versa" after you have a good fortune with sadness and tears knocking on your experience, but eventually, it will come back. you are back to a "simple life" that this simple life is the real and will really make you happy.

Meanwhile, "broken cell pone and replaced with a new one by your boss" is almost the same meaning as your dream you wore a "red dress" and then you replaced it with "blouse and short jeans" which means although coming to life you in the near future will have various kinds of luck and good fortune, you will prosper and become rich but you will not be happy with these material achievements. Instead, the time will come when you will choose a simple life as it has been said that in a simple life you will be happier and for life to be happy.

But even if you choose the "simple life" you can do nothing with destiny, the time will surely come and the time will come when you will prosper and become rich. When you are very rich, like a pearl in your clothes, you will find that the life of a rich person is not entirely successful and happy, ”so as it has been repeatedly said,“ you will decide to go back to a simple but more fun experience for life. ”

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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