I always dream of water. What does this mean?

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CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Ellen's dream about water 

Dear Yod HVH,

I always dream of water. What does this mean?


Water is related to emotions and it is also related to our relationships with our neighbors. That's why the meaning of water in a dream depends on what kind of water or what the water looks like in your dream.

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional way because water is also watered to the plant so that it is fresh and beautiful, it is the same because water, apart from food is the main thing we need to survive, it is said that when you dream of water it indicates happiness and abundance, as long as the said water is clear for you to drink and benefit from.

However, if the water you dreamed was from the mountains, raging and dirty, it is a sign that there will be a problem in your life that if you do not stabilize you may be overwhelmed by sadness.

That's why, as already said, when you dream of water, you, especially you, Ellen, need to be able to reveal or tell what happened to the water in your dream. Did you drink, flood or bathe in clear water?

Meanwhile in the modern or psychological interpretation, it is said that water is also "the living essence of the psyche" which means it is the image of your deep personality. So, what happened to the water in your dream, know that it is also happening in the depths of your inner self.

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In addition, it is also said that water represents the "flow of life energy", which means, what is the form of water in your dream, is it flowing, or is it just peaceful in its place, this is also probably the "energy or strength or power” that you possess at the core of your being.

Meanwhile, aside from the aforementioned explanations, water in a dream is also a picture of "fertility". That is, when you dream of water and the water in your dream is overflowing, continuing to flow like a muddy wave of water in a stream, this is a sign of abundance and development not only in the field of material things but in almost every aspect of your life.

It is also said in a positive sense that water is also the "fountain of life, the primal waters from which all life emerges." In my own interpretation this means whatever your current problems, life's shortcomings, poverty, sadness, and whatever else you are facing and you dreamed of clear water or water from a waterfall, this is a sign that all your problems will continue to be answered by lack, while if your problem is money or lack, like someone bathing in a waterfall, you will be showered with graces and blessings in the next days of heaven.

But in a negative sense it is also said that water also represents "illusion, the underworld, chaos". This means, if the water you dreamed about was too cloudy and too dirty, if appropriate, instead of helping the water in your dream, it caused perversion and problems, this is a sign that in the next few days, there is a warning that you will have serious problems related to your relationship with your family or loved ones, that's why you should be strong right now, so that when a problem comes you can face it and overcome it.

If the psychologist Sigmund Freud is asked, it is said that water is related to romance. So if you are taking a bath in your dream and the water slowly wets your whole body, this is a sign that in the next few days, you will experience a delicious romance that will lead to a crazy and unforgettable sex.

It is also said that a woman who has a premonition of her impending pregnancy and similarly a pregnant woman usually dreams of water.

Since water was the main means of travel and transportation in ancient times before land vehicles were invented, it is said that water is also the representation of the "god of the ocean, Neptune" that indicates in your dream the a long and prosperous journey.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

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