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HINT : because this "coin" was "eaten by a serpent" and it is a sign that your upcoming fortunes and prosperous fortunes will be packaged by intrigue, and resentment towards each other's creatures.

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Lez's dream about two snake heads and a coin eaten by a snake.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of a snake with two heads. What does this mean? I ran but they chased me. When I was caught, I threw coins at him but he ate the coin. What does all this mean?


These are the meanings of the serpent in the dream:

 If the Old Meaning or Tradition is based on the Snake in the dream apart from "temptation or warning of deception" it is also a sign of "secret enemies or people who are secretly jealous of you."

  • --

That is, there are secrets and openly jealous of you so the snake appeared in your dream. Be careful because any moment, from the day you dream of the snake, it can bite you. That is, they will destroy and destroy you even more.

And again, since the serpent also tempted Eve, as mentioned above, so that man sinned, it is also possible that the serpent signified a "temptation" or "warning of worldly sin."

So the meaning of your dream Lez may be two snakes or two temptations or two dangers will come into your life that will disturb your dignity and honor.

Meanwhile, the coin is a picture of good luck and good fortune that will come into your life in the near future. But because the snake ate it, it is possible that the hint of your dream when you are not careful, such luck and good fortune may also suddenly disappear and disappear.

Again, because this "coin" was "eaten by a serpent" and it is a sign that your upcoming fortunes and prosperous fortunes will be packaged by intrigue, and resentment towards each other's creatures.

So the advice is to avoid intrigue and envy so that “your luck will continue to be with you for life, which as already mentioned is indicated by the coin.

Meanwhile, in the Modern Interpretation, or in psychology the meaning is very different. It happened, because the snake is also your own "instinct" related to "sexual drives." It is also the "libido" that dwells in your being. You dreamed of the snake because currently "there is a strong lust struggling in your inner self."

If you are a woman so you dreamed of a snake, you may be "fertile" at the moment, and if you have sex you are more likely to get pregnant.

And because in your dream you were bitten by a snake, remember for a moment what we discussed earlier that Sigmund Freud said that the "snake" is a "phallic symbol." That is, the snake itself is a representation of a man's "penis". Remember the "penis and the snake" do the same thing - they enter the "hole." That is, your dream is a warning of impending intercourse or emotional or sexual pleasure.

So the two heads of the snake in your dream also indicate "two sexual love affairs or simultaneously sexual and love affairs you will experience." Which can be costly on your part or in the end this relationship will have a big relationship with money and material things.

In addition, another interpretation of the snake is libido or sexual energy, so if the psychologist Sigmund Freud were to believe that the interpretation of everything (libido and sex) was pure lust, the snake would be "the unconscious self's desire to have sex."

Meanwhile, the snake has another meaning when Carl Jung is to be questioned, according to the “archetype” we explained earlier in our previous articles that we are now applying. In its deeper representation, the snake in your dream is the same snake coiled in "medical symbols" such as in the Mercury Drug Store and in other doctor's prescriptions with a drawing of a snake coiled in a branch. . ”

The snake means "healing", that if you are dealing with an illness in the present, in the next few months, especially if you are bitten by a snake, your illness will automatically heal and be cured. This means that the "snake" is also a representation of "mysterious and divine healing."

The snake is also an indication that "you are about to be healed" or that you are about to be cured, your serious problems in life today, so the snake always shows up in your dream. Think about it, this same serpent in your dream is the serpent that Yahweh made for Moses and it is written in the Bible that whoever looks at it is healed. That is, the serpent in your dream also means "internal healing or divine healing" of your soul.

And the word "well" doesn't just mean for the sick. But "well" is really good that in the correct translation in English or Spanish word "good" is also "Virtue" or "Bertud" - Agimat if anything!

If the interpretations mentioned above match, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, Lez: “because there are two heads of the snake it means two tusks or two different energies will envelop your being in the next few day, and because “a coin” also floats in your dream, it is a sign that “two snake heads, relationship or energy” will bring you luck and good fortune in the realm of material things in the days to come.

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Until again,

Yod H V H.


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