I’m a woman, But often dream that I am a man

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HINT:  According to Carl Jung, there are two "dwelling egos" (Self) within a person's personality, and these are the animus and the anima.

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Belle's dream in Issue 234. He often dreams that he is a man.

Dear Yod HVH,

I have a question. It’s like this, I’m a woman and my birthday is October 30, 1987. But, why is it like that? I often dream that I am a man.


When it comes to astrology, women born in the zodiac sign Scorpio like you Belle are like that, especially when your birthday happens to be on October 30, most of them are homosexual.

In terms of psychology, there are only two reasons why you dream of such a Belle, which is, you are a woman but you often dream that you are a man.

The first reason, whether you admit it or not, is that you probably have homosexuality or let’s just say “more dominant in your unconscious mind”, particularly when you are sleeping “animus” or the male ego, instead of the “anima” or the female ego.

Who are “animus and anima” and where do these two words come from?

To better understand “animus and anima” we need to get to know, consult or talk to one of my favorite psychologists Carl Jung.

Carl Gustav Jung was born on 26 July 1875, in Thurgau, Switzerland, recognized as an excellent Swiss psychiatrist, psychotherapist and the first to be president of the pervasive and influential International Psychoanalytic Association.

He also founded and promoted medicine and his own "school of thought", in psychology, a new system of treatment for the mentally ill that he called "analytical psychology."

According to Carl Jung, there are two "dwelling egos" (Self) within a person's personality, and these are the animus and the anima.

Animus is the "unconscious masculine side" of our being. Where, he is also there within ourselves, whether you are a woman or a man, there really is "a male ego" in your being called "animus."

Anima, on the other hand, is the "unconscious feminine side" of our being. Where, whether you are a man or a woman, there is a "female ego" within your being, and this female ego is "anima."

That is why even if you are a "pure" let's say that "macho man" can not be removed from the depths of your being, you also have a "woman or chastity."

And likewise even if you are "pure" or let's say "very beautiful and very sexy woman" can not be removed that in the depths of your personality there is a "man or homosexuality you also have".

For men who have become gay, it can be said that the “anima” or the “feminine side” of his personality has floated more and he has not been able to resist it.

Similarly, for a woman who has become a lesbian, it can be said that the "animus" or the "masculine side" of her personality has floated more and she has not been able to restrain or hinder it.

The same can possibly happen in your dream Belle, the "male ego or animus" floats more in your sleep, so every time you dream you still wonder, "instead of you being a woman" - "you are a man in your dream."

 This means that there is a tendency that in the near future you may give up or become a lesbian or a t-bird if you can't control or resist it.

But don't be afraid or sad, because the above statements are just a theory or first theory or first assumption.

There is a second, and this is the second theory or assumption.

If you feel to yourself that you don't have "feelings of homosexuality" or "you feel that you are really a woman and in your own opinion you will never be a lesbian or you will never give up" or you will not be able to -in love with your fellow woman anytime, this is probably the reason why in your dream you are a man while in real life you are a woman.

The exact reason, may be "the man who shows up in your dream is the very man you will marry in the future."

So the best thing you can do right now, when you dream again and "you saw in your dream you are a man" get to know the man well, - his appearance, how he dresses, how he looks, what are the habits and traits him, and other identification with said man?

And the moment “you see something that looks exactly like or looks a bit like the man you saved in walking life or in real life you see him”, it is sure to happen, “one-hundred percent”-the man this is what you set out to get married and once “this man, the man of your dreams is the one you married”, surely what will happen, in your marriage, there will be a prosperous, happy and lasting family life, because you will experience what is called "the meeting of the animus and the anima."

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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