IN MY DREAM: I was bitten by a cute dog and chasing me to bite me again

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HINT: why is the puppy so cute? This friend is probably a “newcomer to the circle of your life”

CASE STUDY:  Let's now look at Issue 244 Sacha's dream about a cute dog that bit her and then furiously chased her to bite her again.

Dear Maestro,

Hi, good morning! What is the meaning of my dream that I was bitten by a cute dog. He said that the puppy was very angry with me and was really chasing me to bite me again. After I escaped his bite with the help of the people around us. I've dreamed of him twice. Please interpret this dream of mine. Because I feel different in this dream, because I dreamed of him twice.

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 The dog is known as "man's best friend" so when you dream of a puppy being gentle and kind to you, it means "you have many friends who will help and love you"

 The case and the problem with your dream Sacha was “you were bitten by a cute dog” and you even said that they were still chasing you and were furious with you.

"Cute dog" means a friend who "makes you beautiful" has bad intentions. It may be the scenario when you are in front of him and he is kind to you but when you turn your back he is insulting you.

And because your dream is “you have been bitten and chased and you will be bitten again”, it means “this person is really jealous or secretly annoyed with you” that you should be so thankful, that You unconscious self through your dream happens so during this time of your life you should always be careful and observant.

Where, why is the puppy so cute? This friend is probably a “newcomer to the circle of your life” and as already mentioned, it gets better at the beginning so you won’t notice that “he has bad intentions or intentions towards you” which means he will secretly ruin you. which is also the meaning of the sudden bite of such a cute dog. ”

But despite the fact that some of your friends will slander you secretly or treacherously, you are still very lucky because according to your dream "you escaped the dog bite with the help of the people around you."

That is, even if your friends or co -workers slander you secretly or openly who pretend to be nice to you, he will still not be able to prevail, because in the end, he will not believe whoever they slander you, but your good character will still be believed and prevail.

So in the end, it will definitely happen, as the popular saying goes and will happen, in the end you will still have the last laugh and you will still be the one to present victory and victory! ”

Until again,

Yod H V H

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