In My Dream I was digging Coin and Jewel on the beach

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HINT: When the dream happens in the morning, it indicates that the content of your dream is about to happen.

In addition, the morning in a dream is also a picture of hope, progress and new beginnings. 

CASE STUDY:  let's look at Babylyn's dream about someone digging up coins and jewelry on the beach.


Dear Yod HVH,

I had a dream early in the morning and there was no one. In my dream, it was coins and jewelry that I was digging on the beach. It is said that the day of those moments will shine.

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When the dream happens in the morning, it indicates that the content of your dream is about to happen.

In addition, the morning in a dream is also a picture of hope, progress and new beginnings. So it is clear now, that the "timing in your dream" is morning because your "unconscious self" is prompting you that this is currently the time of life change.

Meanwhile, those who are "digging" mean that you are deeply searching for something in your life that you cannot find. That's why when the "conscious self" is asleep while the "unconscious" is awake; – this unconscious self is a pit of a pit.

What is he digging and why is he digging?

Because you are digging during those times, when you dreamed that you were digging, you feel that you have lost your "value". It seems like something is missing or a lot is missing in your life.

However, what may be missing is the meaning of "coins" - it is possible that you have lost the "financial stability" that you want to reach or that you want to reach or that you want to be returned to you.

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The question now is this, can you reach the state of being "financially stable?" Of course, because the unconscious and the conscious mind are constantly digging or thinking of ways for you to be "successful", not only in the financial aspect, but in all aspects of your life as well as in love

But the most climax question is will you be successful, in the field of material things and in love life?

And your dream answered this when you were able to dig up "jewels".

That means, you have dug into your inner self (your beach because that is a picture of a very vast, unconscious energy) or immeasurable power that sleeps in the depths of your being in "that sea" in the dream, in reality only one individual has the capacity to do all the impossible things. Let's say that's the "world of make believe" that's "Alice in the wonderland" and in that place that we thought was just fantasy, actually everything can be real. It will indeed come true and will happen in the future

In further explanation, it goes like this. It's like falling in love with someone. Time has no measure. Shape has no form. Matter has no weight. It's like there's no thirst...especially when you're with him. It's like addicts are on drugs. So, the natural law of the world is destroyed, when you are in love, and like the movie "Back to the future", a person in love can do all the impossible things. It is also the symbol of the sea in the dream, "a place inside or at the core of your being, shows you that you can do everything even if it is impossible." – And as already said, that's exactly what your dream showed you so you are on the beach.

Now, what time was it when you were digging? Because when you're digging in the late afternoon, the sun is about to set, it's probably a symbol of sadness. While if it's early morning or dawn, it probably means new hope and success. And the latter is the one who yelled at you in your dream.

Let's go back to that beach again. As already explained, your dream shows your immense energy or the magical powers you can do, everything you want even if it is impossible, but you can bring it to reality.

And you managed to float and fall in your dream the second thing you unearthed "the jewels". This is what the psychological alchemist calls "rubedo" —- the final stage of transformation, which means that anything becomes gold". That means, you will soon be happy and get married. You can also be close to succeeding in all your dreams in life, including the aspect of money, and love – that is, to be happy, prosperous and get married.

In other words, as if in the stages of development, "you are currently maturing and you carry in this maturity process "jewelry and coins" - success in love and material things, the same success and happiness in all aspect of life.

Especially if you kept, kept or took the coins and jewelry to be in your possession. And since you own the coins and the jewelry, success, abundance and eternal happiness will also come to you!”

The moment you just throw away or let the coins and jewels you are digging up fall into place, what is sure to happen is that you will dream the same scenario again and again: "you are digging at the edge of the sea of ​​jewels and coins" where, your unconscious self reminds you that it can't just tell you this: "Babylyn, you are getting old, you should have a stable career and a serious relationship because if you do that, you will be more assured of a happier and lifelong life family building!”

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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