IN MY DREAM: I went to another salon due to their Hot oil is not Good

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HINT: When you dream of hair, it is a symbol of your "sexual prowess and unique strength of your libido or Sexual  energy".

CASE STUDY: Look at Issue 250 Eril's dream about hot-oiling hair in a saloon, but instead of hot-oiling it, he just cut the protruding and ugly hair.


Dear Yod HVH,

 I dreamed that I was applying hot oil in a salon, but their hot oil was not good. So I went to another salon to have my hair fixed again but all they did was cut my protruding hair and my ugly hair. What does this dream mean? Thank you.


When you dream of hair, it is a symbol of your "sexual prowess and unique strength of your libido or Sexual  energy".

In addition, hair when dreaming is also related to your physical strength or health.

Therefore, if in your dream "you make your hair beautiful like you make hot oil" it is a clear indication that at present you are not neglecting your health, and you also take great care and value of your sexual activity. Suppose in other words “you are sexually active and sexually satisfied”.

But also "you fix or beautify your hair like hot oil in your dream" indicates that you are "emotionally happy" or let's just say there is no problem with love or the emotional and emotional aspects. .

The only problem with your dream, Eril, was the scene where “your hair is not hot-oiled properly” and when you move to another saloon, “the hot oil is cut or reduced. still your hair. ”

This means that if you have a boyfriend right now or you are currently in a relationship, you should be satisfied and not look for another. Because if, for example, you are trying to replace him, it is likely to happen, "it would have been okay to have your current relationship or boyfriend but when you replaced it, it got worse!"

If you don't have a boyfriend now or a relationship, and you have a man who is an avid lover, you have nothing to do but whoever is dating before you, it is better if you answer him, than to go shopping in your choice, That is, don't be picky because in the end with what you choose, what you can choose is not good.

In other words, Eril, your dream also indicates “what is your current situation in life, you will be satisfied and satisfied, because your current situation in life, your real development and lifelong will give you have no substitute for happiness! ”

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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