IN MY DREAM: my friend gave me slippers

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HINT:  "slippers and shoes" also symbolizes "you are leaving home", so these things when dreamed are also a sign of the seven "departures or journeys."

CASE STUDY:  Let's look at Phoebe's dream about her friend giving her slippers.

Dear Yod HVH,

Hello! I had a dream, my friend gave me slippers. What does this mean?

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 Slippers, shoes and other footwear serve as protection for our feet and it is also a sign that "we are ready to leave" once it is dreamed, it is a sign of the imminent "development of our career."

That is why when you “lose your slippers or shoes and you are looking for them in your dream” it means that your career or occupation is not yet stable ”where,“ you are looking for shoes, maybe shoes or slippers ”because you are not yet happy and you are not yet comfortable with your career or occupation.

 Slippers can also be an added honor and social recognition that you will receive in the coming days. And it is also possible that the slipper in your dream is an “actual change of your career or job”, from not being very famous, but now you will be somewhat recognizable and famous, no matter what life, job or career you are doing right now.

In addition, because "slippers and shoes" also symbolizes "you are leaving home", so these things when dreamed are also a sign of the seven "departures or journeys."

So if you are still applying abroad, it is possible that your dream that “your friend gave you slippers” is a sign that with the help of a close friend you will be able to go abroad. Your friend may invite you to go abroad but you are still hesitant.

And since “slippers and shoes” are also related to career or occupation, as mentioned above, it is possible that you “dreamed that your friend gave you slippers” because of his help, there is a good chance that you will look good. your current career or occupation, as long as it matters, "just follow what your friend tells you to do, to what your friend is influencing you to do."

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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