IN MY DREAM: Old School and the Witch Doctor Performing Ritual

HINT: we also dream of school, because at present,  we want to study more and learn more for the betterment, the Witch Doctor s at the school  indicate that in the present, “there is a power that protects you that you cannot see.

CASE STUDY:  Let's look  Nona's dream about her former school when she was still in elementary school, albularyo, performing rituals and offering animals such as pigs, chickens and goats.

Dear Yod HVH,

Hi ! Good day. I want to know what my dream of going to elementary school means. When I entered, I saw that there were people who looked like Witch Doctors. Then they perform rituals. Then they sacrificed animals. The one they offered, which was just near me was like a pig. Then there are other animals in their ritual, such as chickens and goats. What does this dream mean?


When we dream of the old school or school we attend, it is the "unconscious wish" of our inner self to study again.

That is why, Nona, if you did not finish elementary school, high school or college, you dreamed of your former school, as if your unconscious self wanted to tell or remind you that “if I had just finished school, I hope I can achieve even greater career success today! ” It is also possible if "there is only a chance for yourself, you still want to study and finish your course or finish school."

These are the reasons why a person often dreams of an old or old school, especially since the school he dreamed of is the one he used to attend.

In addition, we also dream of school, because at present, as already mentioned, we want to study more and learn more for the betterment, not only of our career but of our whole life.

Meanwhile, the Witch Doctor s at the school who perform this ritual in your dream indicate that in the present, “there is a power that protects you that you cannot see, that is why you are doing it now, no matter what you are preoccupied with, if in whether you are abroad or on a journey, you will definitely not be harmed ”, because by chance your dream shows you that as it is said that“ you are guided by destiny so whatever you do at present will surely succeed. ”

What does it mean to "ritualize and seem to offer animals such as pigs, chickens and goats." This type of dream also signifies luck and good fortune, because in the Bible, we can read and observe stories that are typical of the "sacrifice of animals" at a time when Yahweh hears the prayers of the people or the prayer of a “holy man.” It will also be noted that in the Bible, it is at the “time when God appears to man” that “God appears to man” as already stated, God declares his promise and covenant to a divine being and gives blessings and guidance. ”

The same will happen to your destiny, Nona, in the next few days, you will receive great fortunes and blessings that you did not expect, and with each of these blessings, you will not be able to fully believe the good luck and buenas that will be associated with every day that will come into your life, because these good fortunes and buenas will come directly from God Almighty.

So after you have read this analysis of your dream, it is better if you “light a candle in a house of prayer or in your room and then pray and give thanks to God” because as already mentioned in the next three days or three months from now, you will have the blessings and graces of heaven that you can only taste for the rest of your life.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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