Let's Reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) about climbing a high STAIRCASE

HINT: the strange thing about This dream , is that there is a staircase and the setting or meeting place is upstairs instead of underground

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Love's dream about climbing a high staircase and at the top of it there is a door and she falls inside the door with strange creatures.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good evening! Just call me Love. I dreamed that there was a long staircase and at the top of it there was a woman trying to open a door to enter. So what I did was I went up and helped him push the door.

But when I touched the door it suddenly opened and I fell inside. When I fell, I saw inside the white clouds kissing the beautiful flowers and there were waterfalls. Then those people are all white and they are happy. But I didn't show what they looked like. All I could see and hear was laughter, laughter and voices in white robes. I sat in the chair and a man approached me, he said I couldn't be there yet. So they kicked me out. What is the meaning of this dream?


Your Dream Love, is akin to a fairy tales story written by English author Lewis Carrol titled Alice in Wonderland.

In this story the protagonist Alice also fell into a hole or rabbit den and she went to a place with strange worlds and strange creatures.

Where the gist of the story is that Alice went to such a strange world with strange creatures is to end the rule of an evil queen in this world. 

Meanwhile, the strange thing about your dream Love, is that there is a staircase and the setting or meeting place is upstairs instead of underground. Staircase means, in particular the very top of the staircase says “it will come to your life in the near future that you will progress in your career and you will achieve all your dreams, and you will also have a romantic experience ”, but it will only happen once you have become helpful in life, especially to the elderly, the poor and also to women and those in need.

“The open door” says that all opportunities will be opened in your life in the near future so that you can continue to grow and advance, in particular in your career or whatever you are assigned or preoccupied with in life in the present and after career success comes a romantic relationship. ”

“The Happy people dressed in white” describes “wedding”. And it also means that when you have fulfilled all your dreams and goals in life, you will be very happy, but this happiness will only be temporary, because in the end, as you have dreamed, “I will sit down. in a tree and a man approached me, he said I could not be there yet. So they let me out ”are two things, first:“ after you succeed in life and be happy, you will find that all the success you will achieve is meaningless because what is more important is helping and serving your neighbor especially in the poor. ”

The second meaning of “I sat in a tree and a man approached me, he said I couldn't be there yet. So they let me out ”you may not be ready to grow, prosper and be happy at the moment, so your unconscious self reminds you that the best you can do is prepare yourself first. For example, if you want to progress in your career, you add skill or knowledge or you train more, or else, you increase your diligence and effort in the present, because only that way you can ensure a prosperous, prosperous and good fortune for life. ”

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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