HINT: it warns that in the next few days, “your sexual energy will weaken and so will it. disease warning

 CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Kim's dream about lice medicine and her son's hair loss.


Dear Yod HVH,


I dreamed that I was putting lice medicine on my son's head. I put the wrong medicine on my son's head and because I put the wrong medicine, his hair fell out because the shampoo I put for lice was for adults. What does this dream mean? Is it about me or my child? Is this dream bad for me or my daughter?


The "hair" in the dream describes the "sexual prowess", and "crowning glory" of a woman. Which means sexual energy, and in addition, hair is also implied in the dream as the inherent beauty and natural attraction or personal magnetism of a woman.

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That is why when the hair is long, lush, thick and beautiful in the dream, it means, it indicates strong sexual appeal and charm, who dreamed and to the person he dreamed of.

So in the case of Kim who dreamed that your child's hair fell out after you applied the wrong medicine to the lice, it warns that in the next few days, “your sexual energy will weaken and so will it. disease warning, your child's sexual energy can also be weakened and it can also be a warning of illness. ”

So right now you should take care of your health as well as the health of your child, by extra exercise, eating nutritious foods, such as vegetables and fruits and of course avoid foods that are harmful to the body and also avoid the excessive vigilance.

If you are married, your dream also indicates and reminds you that if your sexual life is less active or vibrant, more sexual and romantic vigor is what your dream wants you to do, implement, so that your relationship with mister will warm up again, stabilize and be even happier for life

Until it Again


Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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