Let's Reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) about FIRE

HINT: The best thing you can do right now is to remove the fear and doubt from your heart and emotions. If you love and love give everything yourself 100%

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Iris' dream about her friend's building or house that was on fire and while it was burning she was inside that building or house but she was not hurt.


Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of the dream that your friend's house is on fire and then eventually the fire also dies. To make matters worse, I was there but I wasn't hurt while following, then I stepped on those cracks and then I was nervous that the walls I was passing might fall. So I went down and came out. But I also noticed that the building of my friend's house was only damaged inside, but when you look outside their house, it is still intact. I hope you can interpret this dream of mine 

To you Iris':

The “fire” in the dream signifies energy, enthusiasm, and vitality and can also be a force or impulse related to sex and emotion.

In your dream you will notice "you are not hurt" as you see the "fire" but you seem to be worried about the events and you are very worried while you are dreaming.

This is a sign that you currently have too many fears in your life so you are not being happy or you are not being happy.

For example, in love or in a relationship, what negative things do you think, so instead of making your feelings happy, you can't give "the best" and the very sweet expression of your feelings or your feelings. love or your affection for the object of your visit. Also you are less able to express your sexual urges, to your partner. In other words, whatever you do or haven't done yet seems to be holding you back. This is the reason why you dream of fire, "you don't want to give up" because you don't want "total commitment" and it seems like "there is always a reservation left within yourself".

And because you do not want to completely give up and give yourself completely, to whatever you are doing, as has already been said, you have dreamed of a fire that reveals that you are currently full of doubt and fear.

It's the same if you have an ambition or a career at the moment that you want to reach, because you have a lot to consider, and a lot of obstacles to think about, which, the doubts that sink into your mind, he then becomes the reason why it is constantly fulfilled. the fulfillment and success that you should have previously achieved.

So the best thing you can do right now is to remove the fear and doubt from your heart and emotions. If you love and love give everything yourself 100% don't leave a reservation, give everything. And if you have a career or ambition or you want to do a project right now, give all of yourself, all your efforts and time. Be honest and don't doubt. That way when you really recover, “your dream burning house will be gone”, you will also lose your self-doubt, your heart will be built, you will succeed, you will prosper and for the rest of your life you will be happy. .



Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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