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CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at the dream of Ms. Lady in Blue, she was about to be carried by her ex boyfriend and when they crossed the swimming pool the water suddenly overflowed and she jumped until she went into the deep part of the water.

Dear Yod HVH,

Hi Maestro! Please call me by the name Ms. Lady in Blue. We just broke up with my husband, because he already has someone else. Lately I've been dreaming of my ex. In my dream I was from him, then we were crossing something like a swimming pool when the water suddenly overflowed and I jumped into the water but it was too late when I realized that the water was deep and I went to the bottom. That's all and I woke up.

My son also said that he dreamed that my husband would come home.

I hope you can help me clarify what is the reason for this dream of ours?


Sometimes it is inevitable that we dream for an "obvious reason".

or screaming truth, which, when we have a serious problem, our dream is definitely related to it. In a situation like this, (there is a serious problem) the unconscious self who weaves or embroider and sews situations that we can dream of is automatically disturbed. 

This happens, thoughts formed due to serious problems are to bring to the conscious self the current situation and the present feelings, which in the end the unconscious self also shows the revelations that can take place in the present and in the future. days, like you dream Ms. Lady in Blue.

You dream of your ex boyfriend, because in this situation of your life you separated your husband and he went with another woman, your unconscious mind knows very well that the only person who can save you from loneliness and loneliness is the your ex boyfriend, that's why he was "immediately called by your unconscious self" and immediately floated in your dream, to somehow be "relieved" or alleviate the pain (pain) you are currently suffering your wife to his mistress.

That is why in your dream you are “burdened or carried by your boyfriend”, which means although not directly, there is definitely “someone who will save you from the sorrows and loneliness you are feeling right now” which is literally that word is "someone will lift or carry you." Meanwhile, while “relieving” the “pain” you feel when your husband leaves you while you are dreaming, it also shows what is likely to happen or will happen in the next few days. Notice again in your dream “you were carried by your ex-boyfriend you crossed the swimming pool but it suddenly overflowed and you jumped into the water but it was too late when you realized, that the water was deep so what happened was you went straight to bottom. ”

It means, in the near future when your husband doesn't come back you can hardly cope with the circumstances, "so you will go under" but because you woke up, after you "went under the water", it means not you will drown forever.

In other words, your dream only targets one thing, it reminds you that once your husband leaves you completely to go with another woman, start prepared and be resilient because only by being strong can you finally move on, and when you move on, you will automatically disappear and you will also be able to overcome your current problems.

While your child's dream of "your husband is home" reveals that after you become stable, there is a promise that you will once again have a new and happier love life that will lead to a more alright and happier relationship. -relationships for life.



Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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