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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Ann's dream about a festival or a pass, get in a car and go to the sea.


Dear Yod HVH,

Hi ! I'm Ann! I dreamed that I was at a festival or at a party. After that, we were supposed to leave and the car was full, with our family. Then did I ride out there? In the seat outside the car, I was supposed to hold on to the mirror so I could just hold on but is that so, is my dream weird? Then it was okay because we miraculously went to the sea. Everything is normal and we are still happy bonding. What does this dream mean? I hope you can answer. Thank you very much!


I suddenly remembered one of the most "basic rules" of how to correctly and effectively interpret a dream.

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And this "basic rule" is "Ask the dreamer's feeling or feelings how he feels and interpretation of his dream?"

According to research, "What the dreamer answers first is more or less the correct interpretation of his dream or that is exactly what will happen in the next few days."

That's why Ann according to your story based on the event in your dream "It's weird, but everything is normal and we're still happy bonding."

Ann means, flawlessly and without a doubt, “you have a weird personality, meaning you are weird, you can be a comedian or a fun person” but even “you are weird or weird”-normal and your experience in this world or your present experience will be as happy as it is described and shown in your dream.

You are in a “car” and this car is running, that is, you will experience fast-paced events in your life “especially in the emotional aspect” because this is the very “sea trip” you have taken, or the destination itself. of your riding car.

There is a “party or celebration” in your dream, which symbolizes that you are currently a “teenager or let’s just say virgin life” where, the typical life of a teenager or a young woman is to “have fun” that is. is what is called the "Hedonistic way of life" - "drink, eat and be merry."

And because of that, your dream also reminds you to be “responsible” to have a plan and purpose in life, so that, in your old age or in the “future” the event in your dream can be slightly changed, “in the next time you get in the car, you are no longer just hanging, but you are already in a smart and beautiful backrest, comfortable, rocking and happy. ”.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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