The example of Inter-related essence DREAM interpretation

HINT: The so -called “single essence or situation below” has “only one meaning” and this is a clear indication that in your dream your unconscious self is showing your weaknesses

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Issue 256 Awesome101's dream about a little snake, swimming in a swimming pool and airport.


Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of a snake that was as small as a new hatch. It was said to be in a jar. ‘The other one was moving and it was on the table and I gave it to my brother, but he just looked at the little snake.

A few days later I had another dream. This is my dream. I was said to be swimming in the wide swimming pool but there seemed to be a boundary for each portion. He said I was swimming but I couldn't reach the middle, instead, I immediately returned to the side. That was repeated until someone told me that I had gone up. I'll let it rain. He said we went to the shelter even though we were already in the shelter, it was still raining on me.

After a few days I dreamed again. I dreamed that I was at the airport. When the plane was supposed to leave and I wanted to run because my name was being called. Someone stopped me and someone said that I should go back to the agency because someone wanted to talk to me.

What is the meaning of these dreams of mine? I hope you can give me a meaning so that I don't get confused. Thank you.


Your dream is almost related Awesome101, or in other words “inter-related in essence or want to be expressed by your unconscious self while you are sleeping.

Where, notice this single scenario in your dream. First, ‘those new biting snakes or small snakes, instead of crawling freely on the ground or in its nest, in your dream it is placed in a jar.” This means that snakes or small snakes are not "free".

Second, "you swim but the swimming pool has boundaries or portions" which means "you are free to swim anywhere you swim, you can't because the swimming pool has boundaries and portions."

Third, "Instead of swimming in the middle, it is forbidden or impossible for you to swim, so you can only swim to the side" and when you were swimming, "someone called or told you to go up and go up again."

Fourth, "it was raining then and you took shelter in a shelter, it's amazing that you can still get wet in the rain in your shelter."

And fifth, "You're just leaving, you're just going to fly, you're going to get on a plane because your name is being called, you're even sent back to the agency to talk to you."

The so -called “single essence or situation above” has “only one meaning” and this is a clear indication that in your dream your unconscious self is showing your weaknesses and your current weakness is fear, strange fear, not courage and doubt in your abilities and talents so right now you are not fully successful and becoming happy. ”

Suppose you have too many worries, and because you have too many fears, you lose confidence in yourself and while you are like that, “too negative or pessimistic” as has been said, you vaguely progress, you vaguely succeed and vaguely live. be happy.

So the best thing you can do now is to go back to sleep and in your sleep if you dream again, make sure of the following scenarios: “Little snake freed from the cradle of the jar” -which means “new life and new personality.”

Swim in the wide swimming pool with no partitions; swimming in a swimming pool that reaches to the side, in the middle and in all corners and takes refuge in a shelter that is no longer read-it just means that you are free and have overcome all fears and doubts in yourself.

And once your name is called at the airport, “happily carry your bag, you are free to board the plane and you will feel the plane rising and rising into space” which symbolizes a prosperous, happy and successful individual.

In other words Awesome101, you start to cheer yourself up right now and trust yourself, when you have done that, you have erased the doubts, doubts and fears, you will see, in just a few days, weeks and weeks. months will pass, you will be free, you will prosper, you will succeed and you will be happy for life.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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