DREAM about Artist, and the Color RED

HINT: when an artist or artists In dream, it is also an indication of "vanity". which means, apparently in now your life is meaningless, "so there is deep sorrow in your heart."  the color RED also expresses happiness

CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Stephanie's dream about artists, red dress and red car.


When you dream of an artist or artists, it is a clear indication that "your unconscious self seeks to be famous or recognized in the society or group it leads."

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This means that if you are working now or if you are a student, your boss or your boss or your teacher may not notice the effort you are making, so the “unconscious self” will not be able to, so for a while. the conscious self is fast asleep, the unconscious self wants to reveal in your dream: "if I were just an actor, I hope you would have noticed my efforts and efforts immediately!"

In addition, when you dream about Artist , it is also an indication of "vanity". "Vanity" comes from the Latin word "vanitas/vanitatem" which means "emptiness" or "insignificance", which means, apparently in now your life is meaningless, "so there is deep sorrow in your heart."

But all the negative meanings mentioned above are only temporary, because in your dream you will also notice that the artist of your dreams is very rich and we know that there is an elegant and high profile in the society he leads has “suddenly become low and become a common man in your dream ”which means“ an angel will come down from heaven to take you away from sorrow and make you happy for life. ”

That will definitely happen, because the “red or crimson car or car in your dream” will float in your dream. The "red" in the dream expresses indescribable happiness and success where, the color red also expresses happiness that the funny things is another car is colored red, that is, the next days, about three months from now, you will not only be happy and prosperous in the realm of material things, but you will be very “happy in the realm of emotions and feelings as well as in the sexual aspect.

And this happiness with a strange taste has been described as “Angel Locsin’s crimson dress that she is still very sexy” which foreshadows that as already mentioned, in the next few days and months, “it will be very you will be prosperous, you will be super productive, and indeed in all aspects of your life you will be delicious and super blissful!

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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