The Secret of your DREAM about being NAKED in Comfort Room

HINT: you want to have freedom and you can only achieve that "freedom" through "change."

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Lourdeliza's dream about defecating in CR, a man is naked and a woman suddenly opens the door of CR.

Dear Yod HVH,

Just call me Lourdeliza, I had a dream this morning. This is my dream. I allegedly defecated inside the CR and suddenly I saw a man inside who was naked. I shouted for him to come out, but he didn't want to. And then someone opened the door of the CR woman. What does this dream mean?


When we dream of a naked or naked creature, and let's just say that there is no covering in the body, whether it is the dreamer himself or another person we see naked or naked in our dream it reveals that at present “the conscious and unconscious self want let's be free. ”

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You may ask, where will we be free even though we don't seem to be enslaved or we are not imprisoned at the moment?

In other words, whether you are imprisoned or not imprisoned now, or whether you are not a slave now, so you dream of "a man or a naked man because in reality you may be in a precarious situation right now."

Otherwise, that's why you dream of being "naked" you are overwhelmed by your current situation or situation. And because you are overwhelmed, you want to have freedom and you can only achieve that "freedom" through "change."

This means that your "unconscious self" is currently encouraging you to take appropriate steps that will change "the boring, or the consuming, or boring thing in your life right now."

Yes, change is essential so that in addition to "recharging" your "inner energy" as already mentioned, if there is a change right now in your life, you will be a much happier and more productive individual.

The question now is "will you be able to change or will you be able to break free from your current boring and boring life?"

The answer to your dream is clear, where, "while you were defecating in CR someone suddenly opened the door of CR  woman." That is, in the near future, “new opportunities will come into your life, and when you seize them immediately without hesitation, your experience will expose you to a new life, new hope and you yourself will become a new creatures, towards a more prosperous, more independent, and happier life.



Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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