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Dear Yod HVH,

This is my dream. I was standing on the second floor of my old friend's house, then I was staring at the cloud. Then after that, the cloud gradually opened, then it became very bright. Then not far away there was a very long table with bread scattered on the woman that looked like bread in the time of Jesus. After that, I saw a man in the middle of the table, then there were angels around. According to, I was just very curious about this dream of mine. What does this mean?

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Your dream Jelay seems to have happened on Holy Thursday night before Jesus was arrested by the Scribes and Pharisees and by the Roman soldiers to be crucified.

The only difference between your dream is that there are " " and the scene of "the cloud opens, and then there is too much light."

When the dream is "bright" especially if the "light" you dreamed is from heaven itself, it indicates a "new beginning."

Remember for a moment what is written in the Bible, specifically in Genesis 1: 3 which says “Let there be light!” Where, God said, “Let there be light; and there was light! ”

The Bible also says "This is the first day!"

And as it has been said, “it is very bright in your dream, to show what will happen next in the coming days, weeks or months, which will definitely have a big change in your life, in your decision or in your decision. ! ” And it will be “the beginning of a new phase that you will tread in the coming years or months!”

When will such changes take place? This is answered by your dream, where, in your dream, “You are standing on the second floor of your old friend’s house?” which means "two years from now, exactly 2020 these changes will take place in your life!"

The next question, when there has been a change in your life, a gradual change, just like the gradual parting of the cloud in your dream, where will this change lead?

As before the explanation “the surroundings shone” in your dream, which means “positive changes will take place in your life in the next few days, weeks, months or years”. Yes, there is nothing wrong and there is no doubt, the result will be amazing, the change that is about to take place will be the result of a positive experience, because "after shining around you you have seen angels."

What does "   in the dream" mean? 


Often dream of ''ANGEL'' but in different places and at different times

  • "Angels represent invisible energy forces at work, which have become temporarily visible in dream, therefore, [....]

The Secret of your DREAM about Jesus, Angel and Light

  • What does "   in the dream" mean? It's simple! Where, the   is not only "messenger of God" but he is also often sent by God to people, to save people [....]

I see the two angels in our window in my DREAM 

  • Angels come down to earth, but you know, more often, they have two angels and they can be said to be partners, but sometimes they go to the world for people. [...]

It's simple! Where, the   is not only "messenger of God" but he is also often sent by God to people, to save people or the angels besides the savior of people, he is also " bringer of good news ”to someone whom God has pleased or greatly blessed. So in the days to come "you will suddenly feel that heaven is blessing you so much in what you can't even imagine or in the unexpected events in your life!"

So in other words Jelay, your dream has been answered: “where, whether you are troubled right now or whatever you are thinking, intended, your dream shows through your unconscious mind what will happen next, and the next happens, there is no doubt, there will be a gradual change in your life, but suddenly it will have an impact and this sudden impact will definitely bring your destiny in the next years and months of a happy, prosperous, and full of blessing experience.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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