The Secret of your DREAM about Ocean wave

HINT: The wave can also be a  problem related to love,  emotion

CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at Shiela's dream about the coming wave, and how the wave swept away the people.

Yod HVH,

Good pm Maestro! I'm Shiela, I'm just asking what my dream means that there are waves coming. We prepared for the coming wave, and when it came, I could clearly see the coming wave that I saw how the wave carried the people, but when it came to us, the wave suddenly stopped.

Then, I saw two more men lying in the water. I couldn’t figure out if they were dead but I knew they were lying in the waves. What does this dream mean?


The "waves" in the dream, especially if they are strong and violent, or if the water is strong, foretell impending "problems and troubles."

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 you are lucky Shiela, because just now your unconscious self is showing, as a clear testimony, premonition or warning, that in the coming days, there will be serious problems coming into your life.

The wave can also be a  problem related to love,  emotion that may be caused by the “two men in your life”, which is represented by the two men lying in the water in your dream. They are "useless men nowadays that you secretly hate."

Meanwhile, add to this the fun of your dream, you have prepared for the arrival of the wave, so what happened in your dream, “I can clearly see the coming wave that I saw how the wave swept away the people, but when it came to us, the waves suddenly stopped. ”

This means that even if there are serious problems and trials that come in your life and even in your own life, in the beginning it will affect you but eventually it will all be ignored. Yes, you will not be affected and during the storm and flood, you will see all the houses of your neighbors fall apart but your house will remain strong and still standing.

It means, no matter what problem comes up, it's all light and yet-easy for you to overcome.

Meanwhile, the image of "two men lying in the water" could be "the time when the problem will come, maybe two months from now or two years from now." But as already mentioned, you have nothing to fear and worry about, because you are capable of solving and solving such problems.

In addition, the two men are also a picture of the help or assistance that you will receive in today's time, where, there are men or you of the opposite sex who will help you and be kind, that if there is such a situation in your life to come. , you have nothing to do but accept and accept any help or opportunity that comes because all this will add to the next few days, to further prosper, be happy and grow your livelihood.



Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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