Why did Poop in the dream become luck? Here is the answer

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KEYWORD : Poop, Tree, Stair Case, Climb the Tree

HINT:  The psychologist Sigmund Freud also said, “Very real, unique, only Poop can be produced or made by a person in all his life. him. ”

CASE STUDY: Now, let's look at Bhell's dream about a tree with a ladder.


Dear Yod HVH,

What is the meaning of my dream that we climbed the tree with the stairs. With my eldest son. And when we were supposedly at the top of the tree, I touched it myself. My son and I are also holding ebs. What does this mean?


Notice the three important things in your dream, in particular the tree, the stairs and the poop both have positive and beautiful meanings.

Just like Poop, where, ebs in the dream are always considered luck and you may ask Bhell, why did Poop in the dream become luck?

Here is the answer: Think about it, the plants we plant in the ground to eat the fruit, aren't we the ones who "produced that?" Instead, we just planted and watered, but nature, with the help of soil, dew and wind, grew our crops or the plants.

The same is true when we produce our pets. We are the only ones who raise chickens, ducks, cows, pigs or goats. But what really makes that grow is "nature", with the help of good weather, the heat of the sun and the mountains or fields that are grazed and inhabited by the animals we take care of.

You also can't say, "Yod Hvh, what really produces or makes a person is the child or the baby?"

At first glance, it seems right, because when a couple has sex, they are able to have a baby. After a man puts sperm into a woman's womb, she becomes pregnant and after nine months, a woman will give birth.

But you may think, in fact the "baby" was made by more than one person. But you two are still working hard and enjoying your wife or your husband,-you can't make a "baby or a baby" if you're alone.

So in the dream, I will repeat again and in fact the psychologist Sigmund Freud also said, “Very real, unique, only Poop can be produced or made by a person in all his life. him. ”

This Poop came from him himself. Yes it came from him and no doubt Pooping himself did it. That's why while Pooping, you will notice, the "feeling" is delicious.

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It's just like "arts" or "art". You see and feel the “product” that you “made” and after you release it, especially when your stomach is already sore, you really feel a strange comfort. Because of this, not only luck is the meaning of poop in the dream, it also heralds fun and good fortune in the coming days.

That is why once dreaming of Poop, it is considered a lucky dream especially in money and in material things. Which, of course, is the meaning of Poop in the "traditional interpretation"-Poop in the dream signifies money, lots and lots of money.

Meanwhile, what is the meaning of the tree in the dream?

In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation "when the tree in the dream is lush, beautiful and fruitful, it is a sign that in everything you have done in the present, it will bear abundant fruit, so you will surely be lucky."

Yes, you will be lucky, not only in material things, in profession or whatever you are busy with right now, but the beautiful tree, many leaves, flowers and fruits is also a sign of a happy love and a happy reunion. marriage that leads to a happy and long lasting family.

Meanwhile in the modern sense or psychological interpretation, the dream tree is also you. So if the tree is strong, the branches are leafy and the leaves are very green and in bloom, it is a sign of "your vitality, vigor or your health."

This means that you are very healthy as well as your emotional and emotional state when the tree you dream of is healthy and beautiful. In addition, it is also a sign that in addition to your physical body and personality being healthy, your current disposition in life is also happy and joyful.

But in your dream, Bhell, you climbed the tree, which means, “you will climb luck and prosperity.

But, another question you may ask is what exactly does the staircase mean in your dream?

In the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation the meaning of the stairs is also very beautiful, especially Bhell in your dream you reach the end of the stairs, which signifies different kinds of luck and good fortune in the future.

Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation, or in the psychological sense, the dream staircase implies “goals or ambitions”.

It is also a sign that if you are struggling right now or you want to achieve something or have a goal or a plan you really want to achieve and then you dream of a ladder, it is a sign that that goal is something you will achieve in the near future. .

Therefore, Bhell, if the interpretations given above match, the meaning of your dream becomes clear, “We are climbing a tree with stairs. With my eldest son. And when we were supposedly at the top of the tree, I touched it myself. My son is also holding poop. ” Which means you will inspire your child to work harder and get richer, that eventually your goal is to grow, prosper until you get rich you can also easily achieve and this is estimated to happen and will happen three or so it's been five years now. ”


Until again,

Yod H V H.


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