You have a boyfriend in your dream, but in real life you are still single

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HINT: This type of dream is what the psychologist Sigmund Freud calls "wish fulfillment dreams"

CASE STUDY:  Let's look at  about Gina's dream about having a boyfriend and being given a ring.


Dear Yod HVH,

This is my dream, I have a boyfriend. Then, he gave a ring. Now, I'm looking for it on my finger and it's not there, I'm not wearing it. Then, I approached my BF, I asked, "my ring is missing, is it yours?" No answer. But he said, "There it is!" So, I looked in my accessories drawer. First, I couldn't see it, but I saw it and I wore it. 

My accessories are only silver but why in my dream there were gold earrings, then when I saw my ring it was also gold with a small bar. And what I was wearing on my fingernail on my left hand as well as my favorite silver engagement ring that I bought before has also turned into gold. It doesn't look good when you wear them together because they are both wide. Then I woke up.



 "you have a boyfriend in your dream" but in real life "you are still single or you still don't have a boyfriend" 

this means that your "unconscious self" fulfilled the "wish of your conscious self", that's why like it happened and it really happened, but only in your dream did you get a boyfriend.

This type of dream is what the psychologist Sigmund Freud calls "wish fulfillment dreams" where, as I often lecture and tell you, "usually when you go to bed hungry, you will probably dream of food!”

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It's the same when you have a crush on a girl or a boy at your school and then you can't even talk to them, because you're too shy, "in your sleep you probably dream that you and your crush are together, talking and like lovers.”

The examples mentioned above, are types of "wish fulfillment dreams" where, in our sleep "because our other self loves us or our inner self loves us", in our sleep through dreams , "unconscious self fulfills and makes reality" things that do not happen when we are awake."

So, in your dream, Gina, it is very clear that you already have a boyfriend and you were even given an engagement ring even though in real life you are currently single.

Meanwhile, what does a "ring" mean in a dream, especially if it is gold in color?

Indeed, because the "ring is round" it has no corners, and there is no end, it indicates "eternity". That's why if you give the ring to your loved one, it promises an endless and irreplaceable love.

And because "gold is the element that is usually the type of ring used in wedding rings" besides the engagement ring indicates "endless love, it also heralds a rich and happy love for life."

Your dream tells you almost the same thing, Gina, where, in the near future, you may have a boyfriend in real life.

The only problem in your dream was "Yes, you were wearing the ring your boyfriend gave you, it suddenly disappeared from your finger."

That means, there was a time when you were blessed with a purely happy relationship, but because you didn't keep it, it was immediately revoked from your fate.

But, don't be sad, because as your dream indicates, "a man will come again who will put a ring on your fingers" but the advice of your unconscious self in case another man comes into your life, "don't don't lose or try to guard your ring on your finger, appreciate it and love it" which also indicates that if there is a new relationship in your life or in your experience, you should really take care of it.

Only in that way, you keep the relationship that is coming to the present, in your dream again, the ring will not be lost on your finger again.

But there is another problem with your dream, Gina, where, in the scene where "you are already wearing your ring" you were able to criticize by saying "It doesn't look good when you wear them together because they are said to be both wide." That means, as already said, you were given a relationship in the past but because you were picky and critical, the relationship that was supposed to last a lifetime, ended and was lost from your company.

So like the advice mentioned above, the next time you are given a relationship by fate, no matter what the said man looks like, no matter what his behavior is, you should not pay attention to him or even bother him at all, as it were, "what if "the ring is wide or not good" is more important, "you have a wedding ring, the important thing is that you have an engagement ring" which symbolizes a happy and lifelong marriage.

That's why as soon as you follow the tips and advice that have been given above, Gina, in your sleep and when you dream again, your dream will be like this: "someone will put a gold ring on your fingers again, keep it well , you will never touch it again and it will remain in your fingers and will never be lost”, - a sign that when you have someone to love again, the relationship you will develop will be happy and will last a lifetime.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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