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WITH CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Dhes' dream about the boyfriend in the car, someone chasing him, jumping into the river and swimming.

Dear Yod HVH,

Good day! I dreamed that my boyfriend was with me in the car. Then, all of a sudden, the scenario changed. He's gone and I'm alone. Someone is chasing my boys, I'm wearing a pink backpack. Then I got trapped in the river. What I did was jump but the river was full of water lilies, I still swam but I could swim it easily. Then, I woke up.


The meaning of "a car in a dream with you and your boyfriend" is a picture of your current relationship, where, "you still have a long way to go or your company is still going to advance or go."

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Apparently, just before dating or dating, your dream, Dhes, that "you are riding in a car" is your "comfortable journey, which of course because your relationship is traveling, it is not just complacent, of course sometimes there are many trials and ups and down and you will go through problems", but the final result depends on whether "while you are riding in the car, is it smooth or does it run smoothly".

When the car is running smoothly, your relationship and company will also be fine, but the problem with your dream is, "the car has no ending or destination" instead, your dream is suddenly interrupted and you go to another scene or scenario. That means, currently, "no one knows where your relationship will really lead, you may even break up or not, a lifetime of love?"

So, it is better if you go to sleep again and in your sleep the moment you dream again of "a car with your boyfriend, just make sure where, the car will go and park" because that is also the "image and certainty of where to go home or your relationship with your boyfriend will end."

Meanwhile, the second scene  in your dream that 

"someone is chasing your men" is a sign that you are unconsciously running away from a "mistake".

 Do you want to know in which aspect of your life you are running away from "mistakes?" This is the picture of the "river in which you swam."

"The river has water and the water in the dream is emotion or feeling". It means "the mistake you are running from is related to feelings."

However, what you may be asking now is, "what happens after you make a mistake?"

That's right, the "guilty feelings that you ran away from" appeared in your dream, men chased you, (but those men were also your own) and while chasing you "you were trapped" but because "list you and good" (maybe currently Dhes is in your early years or you are still a teenager, this or you are still young, this is the pink backpack) when you are in the river that you "swim even if there are water lilies" in the river and "You swim light, easy and well."

You are good! That means, whatever "guilt feelings you have right now, whatever secret mistakes you've made or whatever problems you have right now" - all of this "you can solve easily and you can solve it well" so the end of everything - is "you swam easily in the river" which means "everything will still have a happy ending".

So, right now you should have fun and be happy, because your unconscious self is showing that "no matter what trouble you get into right now, you will always get through and have a happy ending."

That's why, Dhes, if you match the interpretations presented above, it becomes clear that the meaning of your dream 

"someone is chasing you, but you swam easily in the river with many water lilies" 

which means "no matter what trouble comes to your life right now related to relationships, love, emotions or feelings, there is no doubt, only you can solve it and what will happen later after you solve your problem, you are like " champion in a swimming competition” – every time you get out of the pool, “you will feel a unique satisfaction caused by the success and victory you have achieved.”

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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