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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Aurea's dream about different colors of flowers.

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of three flowers; red, white and yellow. I was asked to choose, the color I chose was yellow. What does this mean? It happened a long time ago but I still can't forget it.



According to psychologist Carl Jung, "Flower symbolizes the woman herself; her budding sexuality; the first kiss or the first sexual act (to be "deflowered"); the flowering of new energies or ideals”.

That is, the flower itself is you. And also based on the explanation mentioned above, apart from the common woman who dreamed of flowers, most of them are those at a young age, who can compare their experience – to a rose that is currently blooming.

So those old women, the women who smell like the earth, it is impossible and very rare that they really dream of flowers, because the symbol of the flower, even more so and it is "blooming" is only for teenagers, or those adolescent

Now if for example a married or old man dreams of flowers or often dreams of flowers, the interpretation is clear and it means, "he is currently in love or flirting with an old woman or man is cursing Kamias.”

 Means "returning to being a teenager even though he is old."

However, if you are not in love and you dream of flowers as you are old, this is a sign that "your health, not only physical, but also soul and emotional is changing strength and changing vitality."

That means, no matter what you feel in your body at the moment, you will definitely get better and your life will be long and long.

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional meaning, the flower in your dream indicates that in the next few days you will feel happy feelings caused by a romantic love and a good relationship.

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In addition, fresh flowers in a dream are also a sign of the fulfillment of your plans and plans especially in matters related to feelings.

And flowers in a dream are also a sign that in the next few days after you dream of flowers, you will experience a happy and delicious event or situation.

The strange thing about your dream that should also be paid attention to when interpreting is the scene where, there are three colors of flowers that you choose; red, white and yellow flowers, of which, yellow is your choice.

If you choose a red flower in your dream, it means "life energy". That means, whatever you want to finish or do at the moment, you can, because red is also a symbol of "vigor and aggressiveness." In other words, as it has already been said, if you choose red, "you have a lot of energy to do everything you want to do in your life and you can also fall in love deeply or completely even when you are old. ”

And red is also a warning of fighting, envy and intrigue.

If you chose a white flower in your dream, it is a sign of "purity and newness." It means that many changes will occur in your life and this change is related to society, intellectual, economic, relationship, personal and even emotional aspects.

Meanwhile, because the flower you chose was yellow in your dream, this is the true meaning of your dream.

Yellow is also the color of "gold". That means, because you chose a yellow flower, in the next few days after you dream of a flower, you will hold a large amount of money.

In addition to yellow, the king of the sun, which is called the "source of all energy" is also yellow in color. This means that because of your energy, warmth, love and other "assets" and characteristics you possess, you can help and do a lot more in the world, not only in your family, but also in the society you live in. At the same time, because "you are the sun" many will also hope, believe and admire your abilities.

Meanwhile in China, it is said, "yellow and black together symbolize the unity of opposites, while yellow alone symbolizes the center of the universe and the royalty or the emperor."

That is, because the flower you chose in your dream is yellow, at the appointed time, whatever you want, want or dream of in life, like an "emperor" it will surely be granted to you by heaven and the people in around you This means that all your plans will continue to come true that will bring you great happiness.

So, there is only one thing that your dream wants to tell you, Aurea, which your unconscious self informs you, 

"the flower is three", which means "three years from now, 

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ask the sky now for any thing or wish that you want to happen, and it will surely come to pass.”

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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