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CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Andrea's dream about Rainbow.


Dear Yod HVH,

My friend James and I were walking in a park, and then it started raining. We didn't have an umbrella so we took a shower in the rain. It was just mist so we were barely getting wet and then suddenly there was a rainbow. We were surprised and amazed. What does this dream of mine mean?



In the sudden interpretation "it's likely that you and your friend James will end up together, especially if you don't have a boyfriend and James doesn't have a girlfriend either."

It is also possible "even if you have a boyfriend and even if James has a girlfriend, when you dream again and again of such a scenario, you and James are together and suddenly there is a strange event in nature, as already said, without a doubt, the time will come between the two of you will develop a sweet and delicious love that will lead to a happy and lifelong family."

Meanwhile, in the old-fashioned or traditional interpretation, light rain in a dream indicates abundance, happiness and happy love.

Rain in a dream is not good, if it is strong, windy and seems to be stormy or accompanied by a storm. This is a sign of impending serious problems and tragedies.

But like your dream Andrea, that "it's only a light rain, or maybe it's just a mist so your friend James barely gets wet" indicates that "a relationship will slowly develop that will end up in a romantic and exciting romance”

Meanwhile in the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense, raining in a dream indicates "fertility" and it can also be a "message from heaven." And because "rain" is a "type of water" the message is related to "emotions" and because in your dream you were "slightly read by your male companion" this is a sign that in the near future if the psychologist Sigmund Freud will be asked, in the near future "the two of you will get married" (meaning there will be a sexual affair between you) that you cannot avoid because of the delicious romantic love that you will share.

  • Also Note the meaning and interpretation may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

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Meanwhile, in the old or traditional interpretation, the rainbow in the dream portends a change, and because "there is a rainbow" the change that will happen is towards progress, happiness and happy experience.

In the modern interpretation or in the psychological sense, the rainbow indicates "transition". Where, it is also said, "dream rainbows may represent a reordering of psychic or emotional material". That is, there is an important change in your emotions and inner self that the end of this change is happiness. And if you think about it carefully, not only happiness is caused by the "rainbow" in the dream, but it also includes happy love, wealth, abundance and a prosperous life

If we extend the meaning of the rainbow dream further, it leaves nothing to a popular and old song in 1958 written by Sid Jacobson, titled "At The End The Rainbow".


At the end of a rainbow

 You'll find a pot of gold

 At the end of a story

 You'll find it's all been told

But our love has a treasure

 Our hearts can always spend

 And it has a story without any end

At the end of a river

 The water stops its flow

 At the end of a highway

 There's no place you can go

But just tell me you love me

 And you are only mine

 And our love will go on until the end of time

The same thing will happen, Andrea, in the next few days that your unconscious self showed you while you were sleeping, "You are walking with your friend James" which means "your current friendship is growing, and while it's growing, it's going somewhere”.

In your dream, where are you and James walking? “In a park,” which describes “a pleasant and romantic ”.

While you were at the park what happened? "It was raining, we didn't have umbrellas so we bathed in the rain but it was just a drizzle so we were barely wet". "Partially legible means intercourse will occur" 

And after a delicious and romantic kiss, what happened next in your dream?

"Then suddenly there was a rainbow and we were surprised and amazed." Which means "the happy romance you share with James will lead to a sudden marriage, which will reap a rich, successful and happy family life for life."

Until again,

Yod H V H.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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