Dream about bathing in a shower at the bathroom floor full of poop

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Dear Yod HVH,

I hope you can explain my dream. I am currently an OFW in Hong Kong. This is my dream. I'm in the bathroom and I'm taking a shower. I am scooping from the bucket that does not run out of crystal clear water. They say I pour water from my head to my body, but what I wonder about is that I use two mugs alternately. When I finished taking a shower, I looked at the bathroom floor full of poop. Thank you.



In actual life when we take a bath, it means that our body is cleaned,

our feeling is refreshed. And after our body is clean and refreshed, we wear new clothes, that's why after taking a bath, we feel like a "brand new creation."

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In fact, in religious terms, "baptism" like "bathing" comes from the Greek word "baptisma" which means "washing or I wash". And we all know that "baptism" is done at the moment "you will be indoctrinated or formally become a member of a religion."

The same is true of your dream that you are taking a bath, Anna, for sure, without a doubt, its meaning is "a change will occur in your life in the next two people (two mugs that you use) related to money or material thing (flooded poop on the flooring).”

Meanwhile, in the old or traditional sense when you bathe in clear and clean water it is a sign of abundance and progress in the material aspect.

  • For businessmen, bathing in clear water in a dream is a sign of great profit in any transaction to be entered into.
  •  For ordinary workers, employees or workers, bathing in a dream is a sign of an increase in salary and job promotion.
  • For students, bathing in a dream, especially in clear water, is a sign of recognition by your teacher, and if you have a "crush" on a classmate, bathing in a dream is a sign that he may have a crush on you as well. in the next few days an exciting relationship will accidentally develop.
  • For lovers, bathing in clean water is a sign of a sweet and happy relationship. And for married people, bathing in clean and clear water in a dream is a sign of a delicious and smooth romance that will be experienced in the next few days.

Meanwhile, if you dream of taking a bath and then the water is dirty and unclear, this is a sign of bad luck, sadness and illness.

In the modern sense or psychological interpretation, it is believed that "bathing in a dream" is "cleansing" or "cleaning" it is related to the "spiritual aspect" of our lives. Where, we dream that we are taking a bath, this indicates "healing or baptism."

Our unconscious self can also remind us that we may be forgetting our spiritual needs, so we need to give time and time to our spiritual activities.

Meanwhile, because taking a bath in a dream, as mentioned, is also related to "healing", that is, if you are dealing with or worrying about a problem at the moment and you dream that you are taking a bath, this is a sign of the next few days, gradually to solve your problems.
If you have an underlying illness and you dreamed that you were taking a bath, this is a sign of "getting better from your illness in the next few days."

Meanwhile, as it has been said that bathing in a dream is also a sign of "baptism", which means, if you dreamed that you were bathing, it indicates a new start in the "journey of your current life." Apparently, your life will have a new phase that is much more prosperous and happier than in the past.

Therefore, Anna, if you match the interpretations presented above, the meaning of your dream, 

"Bathing and scooping in clear water that does not run out" becomes clear, meaning "

there will be a clear change in your career and the blessings that will flow to you will also not be exhausted" and this change will bring you tremendous progress in the field of money which in turn is what the scene in your dream that "looking at the flooring of the bathroom full of poop” where, poop means “a lot of money.”

What you can ask now is when will the change in your career take place? 

It is possible that after you become an OFW in Hong Kong, you will move to another country where your salary will be higher and your life will be more comfortable, so as already said, the question is "when will the change in your career take place that will lead to life you in a very prosperous condition?”

Your dream also answered the said question through "two mugs that you use to wash your clothes while you are taking a bath" this is a sign that "two years from now, two people will help you, so that you have a much more developed and more abundant career that will lead to you having lots of money until you are completely rich."

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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